Chapter 59 - Return to Dragon City!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 59 - Return to Dragon City!

Gui Bin’s eyes turned to the direction the team leader was pointing at. Tracing the line of his finger, he saw a ship floating at sea. It floated gently on the ocean, and from its appearance, he could tell that it was the same one from the video he had just seen.

“This ship… how did it get here?”

Gui Bin asked incredulously.

“We also don’t know what’s going on,” The leader shrugged, “The USA used satellites to scan the area where Cthulhu first appeared, but once the distortion in the area cleared up, the ship and monster were gone. When they found the ship again, it was in the South China Sea.”

“Since these are our waters, our navy quickly wrested control of the freighter. To get information on the ship’s cargo, the US agreed to provide intel on some of the discoveries they’ve made so far.”

The team leader put on a stern expression, “The information I passed on to you was originally American intelligence. Make sure not to let anyone else know.” After a pause he continued, shivering slightly, “Right. Another thing is the ship’s crew. After exiting the distorted space they were picked up by the American warships. Although there weren’t many direct casualties of the incident, the trauma seems to have wreaked havoc on their minds.”

In all honesty, the team leader would have been less uneasy if the crew had been eaten by the monster. At least it would make more sense since that was the kind of thing monsters were thought to do. But the current state of affairs was quite unnerving. He could not even begin to fathom the monster’s motives.

As the two conversed the helicopter neared the freighter, and Gui Bin began to fully appreciate the scale of the ship. If the Cthulhu-like monster dwarfed even this massive vessel, then just how large was it, really? He felt his spine tingle at the thought.

The helicopter hovered over the ocean and dropped a rope ladder onto a waiting speedboat. Gui Bin and the team leader descended onto it and then made for the ship. Upon reaching it they put on hazmat suits and boarded.

The freighter h

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