randomlyChapter 58 - Those Who Pursue the Mystery Will Perish!
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I, The Dragon Overlord randomlyChapter 58 - Those Who Pursue the Mystery Will Perish!


Two helicopters cut through the sky above the South China Sea.

Gui Bin sat in one of these and looked at the tablet device in his hands. On its screen played another video that had captivated his interest. After the recording of the dragon in the Amazon, it was the next video to become viral online. It was titled ‘Cthulhu’s Resurrection’.

The video started with a ship coasting through the ocean quite peacefully. The waters were initially calm and the sky clear, but the surrounding air began to warp. The once pristine horizon dimmed and blurred as the sky and sea began to smudge. All too soon the ship appeared to be cut off from the rest of its surroundings. It seemed as though it had been transported to a completely different location.

It did not take long for disorder to erupt on the freighter. Screams of terror and gunfire echoed as the crew cursed and ran. But there seemed to be an order to the chaos. Everyone was fleeing from or paralyzed while facing towards a particular direction. With janky movements, the cameraman shooting the video turned the recording device to the area of interest.

Right at the stern of the ship towered a humongous octopoid monstrosity.

The titanic cephalopod seemed to test the very limits of human sanity. Its grotesque appearance seemed to reach beyond the computer screens of all viewers and grasp their hearts within a cold, viselike grip of terror. One could only imagine how the crewmates onboard the ship felt.

Soon the cameraman began to speak.

“I swear. Everything you see here is real. I swear to God! Everything I’m filming right now is real! I am a crew member on the Neversnar. We were sailing in the Pacific, and then we encountered this...this thing! This monster! For some reason, it began targeting our ship. Jesus Christ! I think it's crawling on board...No...Nonononononononono!!!!!! ”

“The monster...I think it’s trying to speak to me. It’s almost like I can hear its thoughts. Am I going crazy?”

“You might be wondering why I’m still filming even though almost everyon

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