Chapter 57 - Saving Dragon City
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 57 - Saving Dragon City

While Earth’s technology did not have the unpredictability and flexibility of San Soliel’s magic systems, underestimating it would be extremely foolish. Earth’s weapons in particular were extremely potent. Paired with human cruelty and ingenuity, these arms could unleash destruction on near-impossible scales.

Louie’s railgun was based on one of these weapons, and it was as strong as a powerful legendary spell in San Soliel.

In San Soliel, legendary rank mages would need to perform countless preparation and invest significant resources to release a single legendary spell. Moreover, there was a limited number of legendary rank mages in the world. After casting such destructive magic, they would have to rest before being able to do so again.

On the other hand, technology only required one to master its principles. As long as they could afford it, they could fire weapons that were comparable to legendary spells almost continuously, which was impossible for a legendary rank mage to do.

The destructive power of Earth’s technology that relied on science was absolutely unbelievable to those ‘barbarians’ in the world of San Soliel. If the Gods did not appear and force Earth’s civilization to engage in an all-out war with San Soliel, then San Soleil would definitely lose.

Gods were the outside factor in all this. They were so incredible that Earth’s civilization would have to crumble before them. Even the Terran Civilization could barely resist them.

Louie’s [Labyrinth] spell was only a high-ranked spell, not a legendary spell. Louie himself could not guarantee how much damage it could handle. Perhaps it could block two missiles, but if the United States of America went all out and fired hundreds of missiles, then it would definitely be destroyed.

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He was now doing everything he could for the food on the freighter. If it were to sink, then his plans would be foiled and all his theatrics would come to naught. Furthermore, the world would learn more about the limits of magic, and countries might gain more confidence in defeating mythical creatures. While not a death blow, in the long run, it would be very bad for Louie.

What Louie wanted more than anything else was to preserve the mystique associated with magic, and to have Earthlings feel it was something far divorced from scientific understanding and interaction. This way he could keep them apprehensive towards it and deliberate in their movements, thereby expanding his range of movement on Earth.

Judging from the situation, Louie had been successful. The United States of America had been frightened by his bluff.

If a destroyer or a submarine wished to launch a missile, it was not as simple as just pressing a button. It required instructions from the higher-ups and a number of key personnel to open the lock. The captain alone did not have the power to launch weapons at will.

So, Louie had used the [Dominate Human] spell to control the captain of the ship from the bottom of the sea. His intention was to request instructions from the United States of America, and then pretend to be crazy to scare the American military.

But he had not expected that the captain had already applied for permission to launch the missiles. It was even unlocked for him to use. With just a press of a button, he could fire volley upon volley of incendiary projectiles. This was a great opportunity for him, especially when he noticed that the missile could not lock into anything inside the [Labyrinth], so he changed the missile target and launched it while nobody was paying attention.

Although the captain was soon brought under control by other officers, by chance, the missile had hit friendly forces. This had so scared the American leadership that they ordered a hasty retreat of the destroyers in order to avoid any further troubles.

After the destroyers had left, Louie hurriedly entered the [Labyrinth] spell. He looked at the people paddling away to escape and imagined them exiting the place, which allowed them to safely leave this area of the ocean.

Louie was not trying to be benevolent, but he needed these crew members to make it back alive. Only then could they spread the terrors of ‘Cthulhu’ around the world. This way, everyone would know of what happened in the Pacific as well as the awakening of the evil God. This mystery would then take root in the hearts of the people.

If the previous appearance of a dragon was just an appetizer, then the appearance of Cthulhu would completely confirm the existence of mythical creatures.

“[Detect Creature]”

After returning to the vicinity of the freighter, Louie used the [Detect Creature] spell which was similar to infrared bio-scanners. This allowed him to fully sense if there were any living creatures left in the vicinity.

Louie’s vision lit up with a multitude of colors, sweeping through the entire cargo ship. He checked if there were any leftover crew members in the freighter, if there were, he would quickly dispatch them.

Apparently, they had all left. It seemed that the Neversnar was now completely in his hands.

He spread his wings open and broke through the surface of the ocean. His huge body landed on the freighter, and knowing that time was of the utmost essence, he quickly made for the cargo area. Prying apart their doors with brute force, he soon gazed at the piles of grain within them. Seeing this, he cackled with pleasure.

A more detailed check revealed that the cargo was mainly carrying wheat and corn.

In addition to these, there were a lot of other vegetables, fruits, pork, beef, and other food items. It could be called a nice harvest.

The cargo ship’s capacity was 200,000 to 300,000 tons. Louie assumed the worst at 200,000 tons.

Louie took full account of the consumption rate of the ordinary people of San Soliel at an economic level similar to that of the middle ages.

He took the best-case scenario of the amount he needed. Only nobles could eat three meals a day while the ordinary people only ate two meals a day.

Assuming that the population of Dragon City was 100,000 people and a person ate a kilogram of grain per day, then the total daily consumption rate was around 100 tons. If these grains were preserved properly, he would be able to feed the residents of Dragon City for five years!

Although this was only an approximate, Louie could now ensure that the residents of his territory would not starve to death!

“This is the greatness of Earth’s civilization. Hunger is no big deal to cure, really!!”

Louie sighed, and then he spoke, “Intelligent Brain, open the wormhole to San Soliel. I will use some magic scrolls to summon elementals to help move the food from this freighter.”

Now that one of the basic needs, food, was guaranteed, he could begin to focus on the development of his territory.

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