Chapter 56 - Retreating American Destroyers
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 56 - Retreating American Destroyers

To launch the missile or not to launch the missile?

With only two options, the question seemed simple enough. But for the president, this was perhaps the most difficult quandary he had faced in his term.

After all, who could know what the consequences of such an action would be?

Despite their immense militaristic powers, the USA was not so stupid as to fire Tomahawk missiles at every single problem they faced.

They had the courage to make a fuss almost anywhere on Earth due to their advanced intelligence systems. If they ever wished to make a move on a certain target, they would only do so after intense investigation and research of not only the target, but the possible consequences of their actions. Thus, as he had no proper understanding of the strange creature in the image, the president could not move recklessly.

Were their weapons powerful enough? How much damage could a single missile do to such an entity? What if the missiles lost control the moment they entered the warped domain, just as the drone had? And was that thing really an evil god?

If the missile was useless, then they would have provoked a powerful entity with nothing to show for it except its ire. In that case, the creature would likely retaliate in some way, and no one could guess as to the horrors it would unleash upon their people. As the highest official in the nation, the president did not wish for it to become a battleground for a war against strange beings.

If possible, they’d rather the monster go to Japan, the land where strange shows and movies are aired!

Despite the powers at his disposal, he could not help but feel fear of the unknown.

It was possible, after all, that the creature had woken up just to find food. After eating its fill, it might just go back to sleep.

The president hoped for such a convenient state of affairs.

What’s more, the place where the evil God had appeared was closer to Asia and Australia. Even if it wanted to attack, it should attack Asia or Australia first. This way, the United States of America would be able

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