Chapter 5 - Elf Queen
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 5 - Elf Queen

The Pentagon Building located in Washington, District of Columbia, is the headquarters of the United States of America's highest military command authority, the Department of Defense.

The Pentagon remained in a state of perpetual activity. This edifice collected all the world’s information while hiding the world’s ultimate security secret.

“Knock knock-----”

“Come in!”

“Secretary Johnson, this is the report from the Fermi National Laboratory. Please read it!”

After receiving approval, a civil servant opened the doors and walked in. He respectfully executed a salute and placed the documents on the table before excusing himself.

The current United States Secretary of Defense, Johnson was a retired 4-star general of the Marine Corps. He had accepted the president’s invitation and now assumed the post of Secretary of Defense.

When the civil servant left, the Secretary of Defense picked up the documents and saw the label denoting classified information on the document before quickly opening it.

“Fermi National Laboratory? Aren’t they researching physics? Why would they send the Defense Department this kind of document?”

Filled with suspicion, the Secretary of Defense looked at the information. After scanning the contents, he threw the documents away, “...... Come on, are you guys kidding me? There’s actually a ‘high-energy’ reaction in the Amazon? And you really expect me to believe that it might be a wormhole?? Why not just say that there are aliens on the moon plotting an invasion!”

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The Secretary of Defense shook his head. He did not believe in the so-called wormhole one bit. Especially when the document stated that it had only appeared for an instant. This made it even more unbelievable.

From his point of view, this might be a move the research lab played because it lacked funding. Thus they used this pretense to slyly ask for more. That said, even if they needed funds, they should have thought of a more reasonable explanation. Saying that they found a worm-hole reaction on Earth would be the same as saying that the world would end tomorrow.

The Secretary of Defense was prepared to ignore this matter and take his leave when he suddenly thought about something and turned on the computer. He logged in with his privileges and searched for a report that he had just received.

“This is the report sent by Princeton University’s physics research laboratory. They actually noticed something suspected to be a worm-hole reaction?”

Gradually, the Secretary of Defense’s expression turned serious.

If it was just one laboratory that said it, he would feel that it was just to swindle some funds. But if two laboratories said it - especially when both were the top-notch laboratories in the United States of America - then as the Secretary of Defense, he could not brush them aside.

“Because the reaction only happened for an instant, the survey scope was not detailed. They could only pinpoint that it was somewhere in the Amazon jungle.”

The Secretary of Defen

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