Chapter 6 - The Dragon Roars
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 6 - The Dragon Roars

The palace of the Silver Moon Kingdom, with its walls crafted by entwining countless tree branches, was exquisite and beautiful. It sat in the middle of Silver Moon Lake, appearing as though it was held up by the sacred tree of the elven race. All throughout the year, it was embellished with colorful fruits instead of the precious metals used by human societies.

Poetic sagas of ancient elves were engraved on the wooden walls. That the beautiful carvings were made on wood instead of stone was a unique feature of elven artistic expression.

Occasionally, some gold and silver rocks could be seen in the emerald-green field, hinting at perhaps an ounce of worldly desires within the elves. As well as an understanding of the importance of wealth.

At the center of the exquisite palace, the elven queen stood elegantly on a high platform. The glittering sunlight passed through the gaps of the palace trees and shone on the throne behind the queen, as though countless doves of peace were holding olive branches, rising and flying up.

The queen wore a gorgeous floor-length dress. Her clothes were sewn from tree leaves, flowers, wooden thread and other vegetal materials. Despite lacking a trace of gold or silver, her robes gave off a timeless and profound atmosphere.

She had silver hair like the bright moon in the sky and was wearing a crown of braided flowers. Her tall figure was covered by her dress, but it still could not completely hide her lofty soft breasts and her willow-like waist. Although she stood there without moving, she still carried a hazy enticement. People could not help but want to peek at the delicate body hidden under her clothes, but Her Majesty carried a sense of solitude that made it hard for others to have blasphemous thoughts against her. They could only look at her from afar.

Carandia, in the elven language, means ‘moon’s whispers’. This was the Silver Moon Queen’s name and it resounded throughout the continent. Countless males desired only to peek at her face, but few ever had the fortune to do so.      

The elf queen’s face was perpetually covered by a layer of dense fog that seemed real yet illusory. Perhaps even people at the legendary rank would be unable to peer through it and witness her absolute beauty. This only added a layer of mystery to the rumors.

“Sisna, what’s the situation at the front lines?”

From the queen’s lips came a dulcet, melodious voice. Her exquisite intonation broke the silence with the crispness of a falling jade pearl. At her queen’s question, the elf kneeling in front of her almost forgot everything else.

Sisna was the head of the queen’s royal guards. At the same time, she was also the general of the rangers. She was brave and good at fighting, having led the elves to countless victories in her millennia of life. Her prestige was absolute.

Even so, this subordinate did not dare speak carelessly in front of the queen. To her, Her Majesty was like the Abyss’ succubus queen, whose every single movement carried deadly enticement.

However, a

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