Chapter 4 - Traveling to the Other World
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 4 - Traveling to the Other World

A four-meter-long python was coiled up in a tree and basking under the sun in boredom.

In this primitive forest, it was already one of the top predators. Its thick and long body carried a terrifying coiling power. Even lions or tigers entangled by it would be strangled to death instantly. Thus, it did not have any natural enemies in this ecosystem.

Suddenly, the trees in the forest shook and the large python awoke. It raised its head and looked in the direction of the sound with its sinister eyes.

Even as one of the apex predators, it remained alert. In this primitive ecosystem where even the weak could prey on the strong, any creature that relaxed its vigilance would end up becoming another’s meal.

Under the python’s watchful gaze, the leaves in front of it swayed. A giant beast about 3 to 4 meters long treaded on dead leaves and twigs. It had golden scales that shone under the sunlight, and even the python, with its limited intelligence, knew not to provoke this beast. Every feature of this giant beast seemed optimized and honed for killing; it appeared to be a natural killing machine.

The python had never seen such a monster in its life of hunting. It wondered why the other party’s scales shone. In the wild, this kind of flashy appearance would only attract undue attention. Although it did not have any wisdom, the python followed its instincts and turned tail, thinking that this was a beast not to be provoked.

Suddenly, the beast that shone with golden radiance seemed to notice it. Its snake-like inverted pupils glared at the python with a unique majesty that could not be compared to a snake.

The beast’s gaze alone struck fear into the heart of the python. It was as if it just encountered the most terrifying predator in its entire life.

The python wanted to flee but noticed that it could not move. It wanted to intimidate it the same way it intimidated its prey, but it noticed that other than trembling, it could not do anything else.

When prey spots its predator, the right answer is to scream and flee. But when the predat

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