Chapter 470 - The Princess and the Evil Dragon
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 470 - The Princess and the Evil Dragon

“Sorry, Your Highness! I will only serve the future king. Whether His Highness Alrich or Amos gets the throne, I will serve them.”

Derek sighed. He knew why the princess had come up to him. Even if she was slow in politics, she already had a sense of crisis. No matter who became king, this popular princess would not end up in a good place.

If she could obtain the help of this legendary rank warrior, she would have a chance to get rid of her fate.

But Derek was not stupid. He was not willing to participate in the royal family’s power struggle for power and profit, especially now that the gods have recovered.

With the return of the gods, the major churches began to rapidly develop. With the gifts and blessings of the true gods, the major churches would always have one or two powerhouses that could kill even powerful legendary rank powerhouses if they were careless.

Derek had to first become a demigod in order to have a place in this treacherous world, but he had been having great difficulty in crossing the final step to do so.

To become a demigod, he only needed to obtain some divinity and completely comprehend it. Many high-ranking legendary powerhouses had obtained divinity, but they still weren’t able to get past the final threshold and die when their life span ended.

Derek understood his own situation very well. First of all, he did not have any divinity. Second, even if he had divinity, the chances of becoming a demigod were less than 30%. He did not dare use his own future and take a gamble.

“Lord Derek, you said that you would only serve the king, then if I become king, will you also serve me?”

Andrea asked jokingly in a very naive tone.

After hearing the princess’ words, Derek didn’t think much about it and chuckled, “Of course. If Your Highness can become the king, I will also serve you.”

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“Please don’t blame me for this, Your Highness! Although Crown Prince Alrich and Prince Amos are not being supported by any gods, they have churches backing them. The two princes had already made a promise to the churches behind them that they would open the gates of the kingdom to allow them to spread their faith to the millions of people of the Subila Kingdom.”

For the gods, it did not matter which prince was victorious. The gods would all receive the fruits of their victory, and we mortals are unable to grasp our own destiny in the face of them.”

Derek smiled bitterly.

Before the era of the gods, he was a high-ranking legendary powerhouse, who stood atop everything and looked down on everything. People without divinity simply became obsolete existences.

“I understand what you mean, Lord Derek. Even if I were to become queen, I would have no choice but to cooperate with the gods.”

Andrea smiled mournfully. The sadness in her charming expression was enough to make other people feel her sorrow.

Derek turned his head away from her and only stayed silent.

Andrea turned away and lowered her head like a butterfly

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