Chapter 469 - The Battle for the Throne
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 469 - The Battle for the Throne

Subila Kingdom Palace.

Inside the once luxurious and exquisite palace hung a sad solemn atmosphere. The security of the palace was two times stricter. With every three steps, there was a post and with every five there was a sentry. The maids who were rushing by also lowered their heads, afraid of making a sound that would lead them to tragic ends.

The emperor’s chamber could no longer be called that as the ruler of the Subila Kingdom could only be called a king. He had long lost the throne of the empire when the empire was divided under the influence of the gods. Although there was a war, there was no longer any possibility of unity no matter who won.

Without tax revenue and support from other territories, the kingdom was gradually becoming financially strapped. In the past, the Subila Empire occupied nearly the entire continent of the west. It was a territory that was rich in mineral resources that could supply the consumption of the capital city.

This was just like the large cities north and south of China. With the city’s resources alone, it was impossible to cater to the demands of the population. Rather, resources needed to be drawn in from the surrounding provinces.

Without economies of scale in the medieval era, a capital of about a million people would collapse soon without support from other territories.

Although there were still millions of people in the Subila Kingdom, the capital was about to lose its title of being the biggest city on the main continent. Many people in the capital were already panicking, and poor people were already unable to eat. This city that had taken countless generations of emperors to turn into what it was today was gradually losing people from migration. After all, no one wanted to die of starvation.

Today, the title of the largest city on the main continent was undoubtedly taken by Dragon City. Bards sang that the rivers flowed with honey and milk and that the land was full of gold, resulting in it becoming a place where many races aspired to live in.

The Subila Royal

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