Chapter 356 - Dragon God’s Birthday
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 356 - Dragon God’s Birthday

Dragon City thundered with joy. Hundreds of thousands of believers could not hide the elation on their tired faces.

The time it took for Louie to merge with the godhood seemed to be very short, but in reality, it was already a day and a night on the main continent. This was because Louie had analyzed the godhood first and then created a new godhood, so the time he wasted was more than all the other gods.

The believers prayed for a whole day and night without eating or drinking. For powerhouses this was nothing, but for many ordinary civilians, this was very tiring.

They were not only purely kneeling, but also had to pray devoutly. The energy consumed was even more frightening.

In the palace halls, Pope Clooney was finally relieved and whispered the holy name and prayed and kneeled to the huge statue of the Dragon God.

Louie’s ascension time was really too long compared to other gods. It could be said that he was the last out of every god at the moment to ascend. This caused a lot of worries.

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Although they had to maintain absolute belief in their god as devotees, human reasoning still told them that the road to godhood must not have been smooth. The vast majority of mortals had failed on this thorny road. There was no return for those who failed, even ancient gods.

Luckily, their great Dragon God had crossed this difficult hurdle and finally become a true god. From this day on, the clergy were true priests of a god.

In the future, as long as they prayed every day, they could even be bestowed with divine arts. These divine arts were different from magic. Although they were not as varied, they were quite powerful and the source of their power came from the faith and devotion of these priests.

The more devout and faithful a clergy was, the higher the level of their divine arts. They corresponded to the ranks of powerhouses. A priest of a god could even obtain divine arts that no mage could replicate with magic.

For example, the Mother Earth Goddess could give divine magic that made harvests abundant, or how Louie was preparing divine arts that were the antithesis of magic.

From this moment on, these clergies were no longer the same as in the past. With their piety and the teachings that they learned, they would become powerful evangelists. Other than having a lack of experience in combat, the power they possessed would not be any worse than powerhouses of the same rank, and they could even surpass mages of the same rank.

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