Chapter 357 - God of Dreams
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 357 - God of Dreams

At the time of Louie’s ascension, Alexia was standing quietly beside him. A trace of nervousness and worry flashed across her face.

She knew that it was safe in this miniature realm, but she also looked around, afraid that someone would suddenly come and disturb the ceremony, causing her father to lose his previous work.

Alexia’s heart was in turmoil, both with the joy of her Father God’s enthronement and worry for him. Although Louie had told her it was a done deal and she had sufficient trust in him, deep down, she was still apprehensive.

This was the most dangerous moment for a god, so how could Alexia not be on edge?

With Alexia’s strength, she could not see which part of the main continent this piece of the realm was attached to. She tried gathering power in her eyes and could see past the barrier of the realm and see the darkness that curtained the starry sky.

Although the stars in the sky were a little few compared to the endless black night, the stars had appeared once more in the world of San Soliel after 30,000 years.

But Alexia was still frightened as none of the stars belonged to Louie.

She was restlessly circling around Louie. Her gold and silver inlaid skirt swayed. Her bare feet walking on the turquoise grass beneath her were actually sweating. For a demigod to lose control of her body, it was clear that Alexia’s mood wasn’t stable.

Alexia tried to be careful not to disturb Louie and could only stand there by herself with worry. She even thought about asking her Mother Goddess what to do.

The Silver Moon Goddess Selune was the first to return back to the night sky. As her daughter, Alexia was able to sense this.

Reason told Alexia that the road to godhood was a great task that could only be tread on by oneself and that any external help was useless, so she only endured her worry and stood by Louie’s side, worriedly looking at her father’s face without moving for a day and night.

When a star suddenly rose to the sky and shone in the darkness, Alexia’s tense icy face was finally relieved. She knew that her Father God had succeeded.

Louie opened his eyes and looked at his daughter who had accompanied him for a day and a night. He showed a touch of gentleness and Alexia responded with a sweet smile, but in the next instant, her inverted pupils shrunk. She went pale and shouted, “Father God!”

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A spear soundlessly stabbed through Louie’s body, spraying out a bright dark gold as if the blood of god had been spilled.

Alexia quickly looked behind Louie and finally saw the appearance of the assailant.

It was an obscene creature whose skin was dark green like dried back and had black and green mottled scales. It had a poisonous-looking rat-like tail.

This was a kobold, but its height was much taller than ordinary. It especially looked like a dragon with a long mouth, sharp teeth, and horn-like objects growing out of its head.

This kobold was like an uncivilized monster. Its cruel eyes looked with joy as it saw Louie being penetrated by its own spear.

“You dirty kobold!”

Seeing that the sneak attack on Louie came from a kobold, Alexia was furious.

Kobolds were very dirty creatures that were commonly seen on the main continent. Other than a few who grasped some magic, the majority had strengths roughly similar to goblins.

The only difference between goblins and kobolds was that kobolds would always appear in groups. Once their groups grew to a certain size, they would become aggressive. Coupled with their combat experience, they were enough to annoy the majority of adventurers.

The reason why Alexia was so angry to see a kobold was because kobolds were a dragon’s loyal minion by nature.

Kobolds were an ambitious, savage, and uncivilized race, but in their genetic instincts buried deep in their bones was loyalty to dragons. Being a dragon’s slave was their greatest honor.

As a dragon seeing her supposedly faithful lapdog dare to sneak attack and assassinate his master, how could Alexia not be angry?

In her anger, Alexia gathered her limited amount of divine power in her hands and turned her hands into moon-colored dragon claws. No matter what color they were, dragons were incredibly proud of their physical bodies. Other spells were only auxiliary means to let their bodies function.

A demigod’s divine power was limited. Not all demigods were like Louie who had a godhood that allowed them to store divine power. Moreover, Alexia still did not have her own faith, causing her conversion to divine power to be very slow. In fact, the divine power Alexia possessed was gifted by Louie and Sleune.

However, although demigods had limited divine power and legendary rank powerhouses could kill them if their divine power was exhausted, mortals were absolutely no match for them.

Alexia angrily attacked, but despair emerged in her heart.

She immediately understood that her attack could do no harm to the kobold in front of her. Alexia could see the sublime nature of this kobold. It was a god and a true god at that!

Who knew how long this kobold had been lurking in this palace, waiting for the moment Louie succeeded in ascending before suddenly appearing to kill him with a single blow!

“Your divine authority is mine, newly born god!”

The kobold let out an excited and brutal laugh. It did not even glance at Alexia’s claws.

The dragon's strike that contained divine power and shimmered with the power of the moon was enough to make anyone retreat, but this anyone definitely did not include gods.

The kobold’s divine power fluctuated. Although Alexia was inwardly furious, a trace of bewilderment flashed across her face.

Her dragon claw did not cause any damage. Alexia had already anticipated this, but the method the kobold used was way beyond Alexia’s imagination and understanding.

It did not block with its hand, spell, nor even divine power. The kobold did not even seem to move as He let Alexia scratch His body. This gave Alexia an indescribable feeling.

This kobold had evaded, but he did not move at all nor made a dodging posture. The attack just phased through him in a bizarre and incomprehensible way.

Divine Skill - Divine Dodge!

A god’s power was incomprehensible. It involved the concepts of cause and effect that seemed to bend destiny. No matter how many abilities were used, they were useless against true divine power.

This person was the God of Kobolds —- Kulthumak!

He was a god from the Era of the Gods with a godhood up to level 15. He was just one step short of becoming a high-tier god.

However, he could not break through this limit no matter what he did. His divine authority was the racial divine authority of kobold. Although there were numerous kobolds in the main continent, they were not an important civilization like humans, beastmen, and elves. No matter how many kobolds there were on the main continent, he could only reach level 15 at most and never become a high-tier god.

If this was the Era of the Gods, Kulthumak was satisfied with his godhood. Although he could not become a high-tier god, he was still one of the strongest mid-tier gods. It was almost impossible to make him fall as even a high-tier god could never kill him.

The reason why the kobold race was willing to become lapdogs and servants of dragons was due to his influence.

However, gods were greedy in nature, especially a cruel and tyrannical savage god like him. During the Era of the Gods, he could only suppress his ambition, but now that the gods were all on equal footing, all the gods and mortals had the same opportunity, so was unchecked.

The Kobold God’s divine authority had its limits, but when Louie took out the godhood of the Five-colored Dragon God, Kulthumak set a new goal.

If he was a god that had reached level 15 godhood, he would not have any thoughts about the divine authority of dragons. Changing a divine authority was equivalent to starting from scratch all over again. He struggled so hard to reach level 15 and would say no if he had to take risks once more. Even if the divine authority of dragons had high potential, it was only a potential. It was far less important than the power that he already possesses.

But things were different now. He had a low-tier divine power, so how could he not be moved after seeing the divine authority of dragons? In any case, he had to start from scratch anyway.

As for the godhood, no god could steal a godhood from a true god because the godhood would shatter upon death.

Kulthumak did not care about Louie’s divinity at all. He himself had enough divinity to support mid-tier divine power, so he did not care about Louie’s minuscule amount.

The only thing he wanted was Louie’s divine authority, but to obtain it, the prerequisite was that the other party needed to be a true god.

The divine authority of a demigod could not be stolen, because it wasn’t stable. Only after becoming a god would this become possible

So Kulthumak had been waiting patiently for Louie to ascend. Now that Louie had succeeded, he was now at his weakest moment. Kulthumak would then kill him and steal the divine authority that he wanted to evolve himself from a kobold to a giant dragon!

Everything was going according to Kulthumak’s calculations. Even Louie’s ascension being slow made Him more pleased even if he felt inward disdain. Although he did not know how the dragon in front of him obtained the Five-colored Dragon God’s godhood, it seemed that he still had difficulties ascending. Even if he became a god, he would definitely have no future!

Since that was the case, it would be better for him to become the Dragon God!

Carrying these thoughts, the Kobold God Kulthumak appeared with his true body the moment Louie finished ascending and completed the task of killing a god.

But before he could roar with excitement at his victory, the Dragon God in front of him had a strange smile. It contained mockery and contempt for him.

The god’s pierced body twisted and turned from real to unreal. Even the blood on Kulthumak’s spear disappeared.

As a god who was infinitely close to becoming a high-tier god, how could Kulthumak not know that he was plotted against? He immediately jumped like a thunderstorm and shouted in anger, “God of Dreams!!”

The ability to turn real to imaginary was none other than the realm of dreams!

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