Chapter 357 - God of Dreams
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 357 - God of Dreams

At the time of Louie’s ascension, Alexia was standing quietly beside him. A trace of nervousness and worry flashed across her face.

She knew that it was safe in this miniature realm, but she also looked around, afraid that someone would suddenly come and disturb the ceremony, causing her father to lose his previous work.

Alexia’s heart was in turmoil, both with the joy of her Father God’s enthronement and worry for him. Although Louie had told her it was a done deal and she had sufficient trust in him, deep down, she was still apprehensive.

This was the most dangerous moment for a god, so how could Alexia not be on edge?

With Alexia’s strength, she could not see which part of the main continent this piece of the realm was attached to. She tried gathering power in her eyes and could see past the barrier of the realm and see the darkness that curtained the starry sky.

Although the stars in the sky were a little few compared to the endless black night, the stars had appeared once more in the world of San Soliel after 30,000 years.

But Alexia was still frightened as none of the stars belonged to Louie.

She was restlessly circling around Louie. Her gold and silver inlaid skirt swayed. Her bare feet walking on the turquoise grass beneath her were actually sweating. For a demigod to lose control of her body, it was clear that Alexia’s mood wasn’t stable.

Alexia tried to be careful not to disturb Louie and could only stand there by herself with worry. She even thought about asking her Mother Goddess what to do.

The Silver Moon Goddess Selune was the first to return back to the night sky. As her daughter, Alexia was able to sense this.

Reason told Alexia that the road to godhood was a great task that could only be tread on by oneself and that any external help was useless, so she only endured her worry and stood by Louie’s side, worriedly looking at her father’s face without moving for a day and night.

When a star suddenly rose to the sky and shone in the darkness, Alexia’s tense icy face was finally relieved. Sh

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