Chapter 358 - Divine Skill, Heavenly Possession
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 358 - Divine Skill, Heavenly Possession

Like a mirror, the whole space shattered. Seemingly real, seemingly illusory, seemingly bright, seeingly dark, everyone’s vision shifted as the sound of shattering mirrors echoed. Louie’s figure once again appeared there once more.

The mountains and grass seemed the same. Even the flow of wind was the same as before without the slightest change. The only difference now was that Louie was unharmed as if everything before was an illusion.

“Father God!”

Alexia shouted. This time, she reverted to her slender dragon body. She flapped her moon-colored dragon wings to come to his side. Her expression was one of surprise and happiness. Her inverted pupils fluctuate and she almost cried out.

Just now, Alexia had been frightened badly by the spear that went through Louie’s body. Her brain completely froze and only thought of taking revenge. Even if she knew that her actions of attacking a god were considered blasphemy and that it was impossible for her to defeat the God of Kobolds, she remained determined to seek out justice.

“Don’t cry…”

Louie said in a warm voice. He smiled and caressed his daughter’s head. His hand shined with streams of light, causing Alexia to calm down, but drops of tears still dropped on her moon-colored scales.

“So this was all an illusion, it really scared Alexia.”

Alexia let out a low and pleasant growl. As if she was still in shock, she rubbed her head on Louie’s hand to make him caress her, to make sure that everything was real and Louie did not have any wounds on his body. Only then did her emotional state stabilizes.

The stunned expression on Louie’s face when he was stabbed earlier was too realistic, causing Alexia to misunderstand.

‘Father God is using acting skills to deceive this God.’

Alexia just bubbled with this thought, but saw Louie shake his head, “I was indeed stabbed by Him, but I turned the reality of that stabbing into a ‘dream’, turning everything that happened before into a dream.”

Alexia did not seem to fully understand it. She was bewildered and didn’t know how an established fact could still be turned into a dream. This was simply impossible to do with any spell.

It could only be said that the power of the gods was too bizarre and inexplicable. It was far beyond the imagination of mortals. Some divine abilities bordered on unreasonableness and did not have logic to them. Even the Terran Civilization’s technology could not completely explain the strange abilities of the gods.

After pacifying Alexia, Louie looked at the god in front of him, and the smile on his face gradually turned serious. His entire being became cold as divine power diffused from his body.

“God of Kobolds, Your Highness Kulthumak?”

“Haven’t you already recognized me long ago, Your Highness Louie!”

The kobold with lime green scales emitted blood and evil. His pair of crocodile-like eyes stared coldly at Louie.

“I did know that you had been hiding in this miniature realm, but I didn’t expect your sneak attack to be so decisive.”

Louie secretly admonished himself. Now that he was a god, he could not take other gods lightly. No god could be underestimated, especially with his lack of understanding of how god’s fought.

He was successfully ambushed by the Kobold God in front of him. If not thanks to him being the God of Dreams and his deep understanding of the domain of dreams, he might have been seriously injured.

Naturally, part of the reason why he was able to dodge the attack was that the Kobold God Kulthumak was not very strong. Although He was once a god with level 15 godhood, he only had a godhood of level 3 at the moment. His divine authority of kobolds was only a racial divine authority that wasn’t useful for fighting and did not improve his combat abilities.

Louie’s divine authority of dreams was a perfect divine authority. It wasn't split with anyone else. This divine authority was similar to the divine authority of illusion, lies, and many others. Although it was slightly lacking in offensive capabilities, it had various uses, making it hard for other gods to defend against.

In the Era of the Gods, there was an extremely crazy and powerful god called ‘Prince of Lies’ who had mastered the terrifying divine authority of killing, but in fact, what made him truly terrifying were his divine authorities of illusion and lies. With these two divine authorities, he stirred up a rain of bloodshed.

This kind of divine authority had limited power in enhancing a god’s godhood and couldn’t make a god reach high-tier, but in terms of combat, it was very useful and considered a combat divine ability.

With anger and hatred in his heart, Kulthumak stared at the new Dragon God in front of him and let out a blood-curdling scream, “Why do you still have divine power?!”

Kulthumak could not comprehend this. A new god was required to use up a lot of divine power when ascending to let his divine fire burn. Normally speaking, new gods would not have any extra divine power. With no divine power and their true body in the open, they were in dangerous situations. Kulthumak precisely expected this, that’s why his greed urged him to kill Louie and seize His divine authority.

This was because, without divine power, it was impossible for gods to activate their domain much less their divine authority.

But Kulthumak never expected Louie to still have residual power that was even more than an old god like him. He even easily evaded his ambush with his ‘dreamworld’

Louie heard Kulthumak’s question and smiled. Of course, he would not tell the Kobold God that he had indeed consumed a lot of divine power when he ascended, but the consumed divine power was from the faith of Earth, and the God that he had ascended into was not the God of Dreams nor the God of Dragons, but a Foreign God. Everything was just an illusion!

This was Louie’s greatest trump card that guaranteed that he could escape the shackles that bound gods. So he would not tell anyone, not even the Intelligent Brain.

Seeing Louie not speaking, Kulthumak immediately tried to retreat. He knew that he was unable to kill this new god today. And looking at how Louie was still at east, he might be the one to fall if they really fought here.

It must be known that to kill Louie, Kulthumak had shown his true body. After ascending, a god could not immediately condense an incarnation, so Kulthumak could only come to assassinate with his true body.

Although it was very dangerous, Kulthumak thought that the other party was just a new god. Even if the other party had a powerful divine authority, they would not be his opponent. However, he never thought that he would miscalculate.

‘In the future, I might be at odds with this god.’

Kulthumak felt helpless even if he had many powerful abilities. Although his divine authority was weak and did not have a powerful divine domain, he was still one of the strongest mid-tier gods in the past and possessed many divine skills. It was thanks to his divine skills and divine kingdom that allowed him to become a mid-tier god that was able to resist the suppression of the high-tier gods.

Divine skills were basic abilities that all gods possessed. Each god could grasp many different divine skills. On the other hand, divine authorities were unique abilities that only gods who had grasped them could utilize.

For example, Louie’s power over dreams could not be used by other gods as he had complete mastery over it.

But Kulthumak felt awkward because most of his divine skills required mid-tier divine power to release. With him having a low-tier divine power, he would not be able to use any even if he tried to empty out his divine power.

‘I cannot dally here and must leave immediately. I should not yet be hit by a curse, so I should be able to escape. Sigh, how did I just make an eternal enemy out of a new god with the potential to become high-tier.’

Although Kulthumak was a savage, cruel, and bloody god, he was not a madman. He had a good head on his shoulders and could see things logically. He did not think of continuing to fight here and only thought of running away.

But the Kobold God was also depressed. He knew that his future path would be very bumpy, especially since he used to be a subordinate god of the Five-colored Dragon God and was under his protection. But now, he had directly affected the future Dragon God, so who was he to ask for shelter in the future?

‘This new god’s divine authority of dragons is just a sub-divine authority. I’ll see if I can find a dragon that is close to ascending and help it. If I can get it to help in tearing away this dragon’s divine authority, then I won’t have to worry about anything.’

In an instant, Kulthumak had a new idea.

All he wanted to do now was to buy time before fighting against Louie. He would see if Louis could make the divine authority of dragons worthy of its name first or if he could find a collaborator dragon that would help him rip Louie’s divine authority away so that he could never become a high-tier god.

‘What an enviable god.’

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With this thought in mind, Kulthumak did not say anything else. Divine power surged into his spear and he tore open the space of the miniature realm.

Since the miniature realm was not yet Louie’s divine kingdom, he could easily leave with just a step.



The crisp sound of breaking glass echoed once more. Kulthumak realized that he had not left the miniature realm after taking a step. He was still in the miniature realm, and the act of him leaving had been turned into a ‘dream’!

“Your Highness Louie, how dare you……”

The God of Kobolds was furious. He didn't expect that Louie would not let him go, and even spent divine power to turn the entire place into a ‘dream’!

“Your Highness Kulthumak, how could I just let you simply leave after trying to assassinate me? Since you came, you should stay for a while. I am very interested in your divinity.”

Louie chuckled and a lance appeared in his right hand.

“You already expected me to come and kill you?”

Seeing Louie’s calm and collected look, Kulthumak sensed something was wrong and said in shock, “How could you have expected this? You shouldn’t even be aware that I survived through the Era of Disaster!”

Seeing Louie smile without saying anything, Kulthumak suppressed the fear in his heart. His savage appearance turned ugly and hissed, “Your Highness Louie, let me see how much divine power you really have to be able to stop me from leaving.”

There was no mistake that Kulthumak was not prepared to fight Louie. He knew that if they fought now, his chances of defeat were higher. He only wanted to escape from here now.

The current miniature realm was not Louie’s divine kingdom, so it did not boost his abilities. Moreover, blocking this place with a dream would consume large amounts of divine power. In Kulthumak’s calculation, Louie’s divine power reserves were already very low, so he could just wait for Louie’s divine power to empty out, then he could easily leave.


At this moment Louie lightly exhaled, showing a look of relief.

The reason why he had been standing still without taking the initiative was that he was in the process of comprehending a divine skill.

Unlike old gods like Kulthumak who had ascended once more, Louie was a new god who did not possess any divine skills.

He used the power of Earth’s faith as fuel and made calculations using his godhood to finally comprehend a divine skill that many gods know and wasn’t very strong, but very useful to Louie—

Heavenly Possession!

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