Chapter 358 - Divine Skill, Heavenly Possession
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 358 - Divine Skill, Heavenly Possession

Like a mirror, the whole space shattered. Seemingly real, seemingly illusory, seemingly bright, seeingly dark, everyone’s vision shifted as the sound of shattering mirrors echoed. Louie’s figure once again appeared there once more.

The mountains and grass seemed the same. Even the flow of wind was the same as before without the slightest change. The only difference now was that Louie was unharmed as if everything before was an illusion.

“Father God!”

Alexia shouted. This time, she reverted to her slender dragon body. She flapped her moon-colored dragon wings to come to his side. Her expression was one of surprise and happiness. Her inverted pupils fluctuate and she almost cried out.

Just now, Alexia had been frightened badly by the spear that went through Louie’s body. Her brain completely froze and only thought of taking revenge. Even if she knew that her actions of attacking a god were considered blasphemy and that it was impossible for her to defeat the God of Kobolds, she remained determined to seek out justice.

“Don’t cry…”

Louie said in a warm voice. He smiled and caressed his daughter’s head. His hand shined with streams of light, causing Alexia to calm down, but drops of tears still dropped on her moon-colored scales.

“So this was all an illusion, it really scared Alexia.”

Alexia let out a low and pleasant growl. As if she was still in shock, she rubbed her head on Louie’s hand to make him caress her, to make sure that everything was real and Louie did not have any wounds on his body. Only then did her emotional state stabilizes.

The stunned expression on Louie’s face when he was stabbed earlier was too realistic, causing Alexia to misunderstand.

‘Father God is using acting skills to deceive this God.’

Alexia just bubbled with this thought, but saw Louie shake his head, “I was indeed stabbed by Him, but I turned the reality of that stabbing into a ‘dream’, turning everything that happened before into a dream.”

Alexia did not seem to fully understand it. She was bewildered and didn’t know how an

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