Chapter 355 - Becoming A God!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 355 - Becoming A God!

Louie’s mind cleared and his soul shook when his connection to the godhood was established.

In the past, Louie possessed a powerful godhood, but could not fully utilize it. Even if he had divinity and divine authority, he could not use it except in crude ways.

But since the gods weren’t present before, even the most superficial use of divine power was enough for Louie to rise to the pinnacle of the world by virtue of the omnipotent nature of divine power.

Louie naturally regretted not being able to use the power of the godhood. It was something that only true gods could use.

Now, the ‘computer’ that had been abandoned had finally started up again with divinity as its cable. Waves of faith poured into the godhood. If the conversion of divine power before was comparable to a small stream, then the new conversion was as fast as a river that filled Louie up.

The power of faith was a strange wave. Naturally, this was just how Louie described it. In truth, the power of faith was different from the electronic waves of Earth. At this time, Louie also comprehended faith much more deeply.

The ‘wave’ formed of faith ignored the distance between time and space. It was as if it was directly forwarded into Louie’s body. The holy name that the believers recited became the coordinates that set the direction of the faith.

In this wave of faith, countless particles flowed. Each particle was a believer’s prayer. Louie could even hear the sound of the prayer. If he wanted, he could turn it into an image to see the believer's appearance.

This was one of the basic capabilities of a god. As long as someone pronounced their name, a God could easily perceive them, no matter the distance between the two.

Of course, Louie only described it in a way that people on Earth would. In fact, the power of faith wasn’t really related to wave particles, just very similar in some ways.

At this moment, Louie reconfirmed his prior beliefs that whether it was faith or technology, they walked on the same path of seeking to know everything. The only difference was the means.

The divine fire in Louie’s soul burned violently. As said before, the divine fire was not real fire, but only looked like one. If Louie was a normal god at the moment, then he would have to use divine power and his understanding of his divine authority to forge with the divine fire. Then his godhood would be born from the divine fire.

The successful would become a god and failures would perish. There was no third option.

A demigod’s divine power was limited. When they used all their divine power to forge godhood, they would become extremely weak, which meant that they were in grave danger. Even a demigod with sufficient divine power could be killed at this time. As a result, the gods would generally hide and never ascend in front of anyone.

Louie was not ignorant of this truth to be so bold, but he was not a normal god. He did not even need to use any divine power, because he did not need to forge his own godhood!

The godhood that originally came from the Five-colored Dragon God began to absorb Louie’s soul and combine together. They would never separate from each other again. Louie’s soul would become divine and never wear out. This was true immortality.

And once this step is completed, the god became one with the godhood and no one could steal the godhood again unless they were killed or gave it up voluntarily.

But Louie did not perform this step because Louie was not prepared to let his soul and the Five-colored Dragon God’s godhood fuse together. The godhood did not belong to him and although it would limit his power, he was wary that the fallen Dragon God had a hidden card to play.

Moreover, this godhood had been tampered with by the Terran Civilization for as long as 30,000 years. Who knows what they had done to it? Louie would not just give his life to such an uncontrollable thing.

If Louie had no choice, he would not hesitate to use this godhood as the main body, but since he had other options, he would only use this godhood as an open weapon.

Louie’s conscience followed the flow of divinity and faith that flowed into the godhood. This was the first time Louie saw its composition. Mortal minds would immediately collapse if they tried to look at it. Thanks to divine power and divinity, Louie was able to swim inside easily and understand its structure and capabilities.

It contained an indescribably divine mystery as if there were countless forces and knowledge from the origin of the world hidden in it. In front of Louie, it painted a magnificent picture.

Louie began to process things quickly with his mind and powerful analytic ability. He began to perform reverse analysis on the composition of the godhood for his next plan.

It was challenging to create godhood from scratch, but it was much easier to analyze it. As Louie did, he roughly understood its composition, so he no longer hesitated and directly guided the faith that he gathered from Earth.


His soul shook once again as if he was burning mountains and boiling seas. Everything appeared to be on fire as Louie injected the inter-dimensional faith power from Earth into the divine fire. In the depths of his soul, in the fierce burning divine fire, another crystal clear godhood was born.

This was the godhood constructed from the faith of Earth, the godhood of a [Foreign God]!

This time, Louie no longer hesitated and directly used his divinity to completely fuse his soul with this godhood, transforming him into a ‘Foreign God’ named ‘Louie’.

At this moment, Louie finally completed the last step of ascension. He was sublimated from the inside out and his soul became immortal. His body had turned into a divine body made of pure divine power. No external objects could harm him and only the gods could injure him.

God’s ‘immortality’ wasn’t really perfect, but they were indeed the hardest creature to kill in the Crystal Wall System.

“It’s done!”

Even though Louie made a lot of calculations and did not encounter any hardships along this road to becoming a god, his entire being was transformed from a mortal to a god. His life had completely changed. He still had an unexpressed joy deep inside his heart.

What made him even more excited and happy was that within the godhood of the ‘Foreign God’ he could feel the ‘serpent of Order’ inside which was a different power from faith!

It was the power of the origin of the world. It was even more sublime than the divided divine authorities. The power of order belonged to the rules of factions in the world. It was a manifestation of the world’s origin. It wasn’t as varied as the power of faith that could do many incredible things, but the essence of the ability of ‘order’ was sublime as it represented the ‘ancient gods’.

That was to say, Louie had now broken away from the shackles of faith. Even if he were cut off from all sources of faith, he would not fall. He could reincarnate as part of the serpent of order and continue to enjoy being a god.

However, Louie could only mobilize very little of this power. He would be considered the weakest god. Compared to the power that faith provided him, the power of ‘order’ was not worth much. However, its existence paved a path of endless possibilities for Louie. He would one day be able to completely master the power of order and transform into the serpent of order itself. Then he would become the undisputed god of gods.

‘After so many years of hard work, the foundation of everything is finally laid. I have finally opened a gap in this cage and I just have to expand it to completely break free.’

‘Although part of it relies on luck, I still can’t give up. I have been trying to find a way out of my current situation and this can become the first step.’

Louie was in a happy mood. The gloom in his heart had been suppressed and dispersed as much as possible.

The conspiracy of the Intelligent Brain of the Terran Civilization, the bondage of the gods to faith, and the confinement to the rules of this world, were now gone with him being a ‘Foreign God’ that wielded the power of order. Of course, Louie still had to be vigilant of the entity attached to him. He still did not understand much about the Terran Civilization. With the power of order still in its weak state, he could not let things be exposed. It was easy to become the target of the gods and the intelligent brain, so it was best if he remained as the ‘Dragon God’.

With a thought, the godhood of the Dragon God wrapped around the godhood of the Foreign God like a matryoshka doll. No one would expect that Louie had two godhoods and that the godhood of the Dragon God was naught but a disguise.

Louie had already thought about this trick and finally realized how to truly make it after consulting with Shae, the master of disguise.

‘Making a deal with Shae is the best decision I’ve ever made.’

Louie thought so. His gaze broke through the miniature realm and looked towards the sky of the main continent. There was already a group of stars shining in the sky. Although a few of them were dim, each one still represented the throne of a god.

The more powerful the gods were, the more brilliant their stars were and the higher their position.

Now, there were only a few stars that were higher than the others. All the rest were below, and Louie’s star was in the middle and close to the top.

He was now a weak god and if it was in the previous Era of the Gods, he would be the weakest god, but in this new era, a weak god was not as weak as they seemed.

Because now, countless gods also had weak divine power. Although there were strong ones and weak ones among them, there wasn’t much of a qualitative gap. The real qualitative change would occur when they reached mid-tier divine power and high-tier divine power.

‘It’s about time. My career as an immortal god has begun!’

Louie’s joy infected his believers. Hundreds of thousands of people who believed in him erupted into violent cheers.

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