Chapter 354 - Exalting the Divine Throne
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 354 - Exalting the Divine Throne

In the Divine King’s Crown…

Louie led Alexia into the miniature realm directly after leaving Dragon City.

Alexia’s eyes wandered across the high mountains, cypresses, waterfalls, rivers, grass, cloudy hills, and plains as Louie hoisted her in his arms and made his way through the realm.

As a demigod, Alexia immediately knew that they were not on the main continent, nor any known realm, but a sub-universe of sorts.

As she focused divine power on her eyes, she was stunned to find that the miniature realm had an area of a million square kilometers. Such a huge realm could almost rival the size of an entire kingdom. It simply shouldn’t exist.

“Father God, what is this place?”

Gathering up her inner shock, Alexia looked at Louie in surprise. Her knowledge told her that it was impossible for a miniature realm to be so huge. This was already close to the size of a weak god’s divine kingdom. How could she not be shocked?

Moreover, Alexia noticed that the laws of the realm were extremely firm. It was unlike normal miniature realms which were fragile and would disappear with the passage of time.

“During the Era of Disaster, a powerful god foresaw the arrival of the twilight of the gods. He searched for a miniature realm and used a large amount of divine power to expand it. He then strengthened the laws and placed the realm inside a divine weapon. Thus allowing this miniature realm to endure for tens of thousands of years without the slightest wear or tear.

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“That powerful god wanted to leave a backdoor in order to seize the opportunity in the new Era of the Gods. By using this realm, he would consume less divine power than other gods to build a divine throne. This would give him an upper hand.”

“I don’t know which powerful god it is, and I’ve held this divine equipment for quite some time already, but no god has ever come looking for me to retrieve it. I think that powerful god might have already fallen during the Era of Disaster, or maybe he feels that he can’t take this artifact away from me in his current state, so he gave up.”

“But no matter what the reason is, this miniature realm now belongs to me. I just need to imprint it as my divine kingdom after I ascend, to make it truly mine.”

Louie sounded elated as if he was happy about his good fortune, but Alexia clearly saw the terrifying glow in her father’s eyes that seemed to be smiling and not smiling at the same time. Louie’s terrifying gaze lightly swept Alexia a glance, causing her to feel an irrepressible fear from the depths of her soul.

In the next moment, the horrible fear disappeared. The Father God in front of her was still as gentle as before as if the previous feeling was just an illusion. Alexia understood and did not press on with the issue, but worriedly said, “Father God, are you about to ascend? Will there be any danger?”

“It’s just a matter of course. For me, there is danger, but the danger is really insignificant, almost negligible. Alexia, you don’t need to worry.”

Alexia lightly exhaled. Listening to Louie’s words, her tense little face relaxed.

Unlike her mother the Goddess Silver Moon, who was once a powerful divine being, Alexia knew that her Father God was a true new god, a mortal who had never ascended to the throne of god.

Compared to the ancient re-awakened gods, the new gods would always encounter some problems. The ancient gods had either already experienced enthronement or possessed their thrones from birth. Now, they were just walking on the same path, so their roads were wide and free of any obstacles. But new gods like Louie, who had never done so, did not know of the dangers that they would face. If they failed, they would be burned up by their divine fire and forever never recover.

Alexia did not want her father to have problems, not because Louie could provide her with shelter, but because of pure filial affection.

“Alexia, take a look at what this is.”

Louie suddenly stretched out his hand in front of Alexia, and to Alexia’s horror, she saw a crystal of indescribable shape and supreme greatness float out of Louie’s palm.

“Ah!! A godhood!”

Alexia’s pupils shrunk, and her mouth hung open. She could not believe her eyes. A godhood was something that only gods possessed, but her father who wasn’t yet a true god already had one.

The most difficult part for new gods was building their own godhood. This was equivalent to an examination. If they pass, they could become a god, and if they failed, they would turn to ashes, never getting a second chance. Louie having a godhood meant that he had all the answers to the exam. As long as he was not an idiot, he would have already memorized the answers and passed the examination.

Alexia could not tell how mighty this godhood truly was. As a demigod, the realm of the gods was something that she could not understand, but the powerful aura emanating from the godhood caused Alexia’s body to tremble. Her soul to her eyes were all attracted to it as if nothing else mattered in the world.

This was not greed, but an instinct of a demigod. Demigods were like gods, but they weren’t gods. They were the apex of mortals yet the lowest end of the gods. As long as they took one more step, they would become gods. Demigods and true gods both had divinity and even divine authorities, the only thing that separated them was godhood.

Thus, godhoods provided an endless and irresistible attraction to demigods. They were like drugs that they could not reject.

At the same time, a pair of eyes suddenly opened in the miniature realm. It stared at the godhood in Louie’s hand and flashed with surprise and greed, but in the next moment, it instantly disappeared.

Louie put away the godhood in his hands and finally let Alexia return to her senses. The elf dragon felt as if a bucket of water was poured on her head, making her consciousness clear.

The thought that she had shown a thirsty expression to her Father God’s godhood made her inwardly terrified. She hurriedly lowered her head and shivered.

This was a great blasphemy to the gods, even if one was a child of the god. There was already enough reason for her to be put to death by her furious Father God.

How could Alexia not be frightened by this?

“There is no need to be afraid, Alexia. That is not from your selfishness, but from your instincts as a demigod.”

Louie said in a soft voice and reached out to his daughter's temples and brushed her hair.

Louie saw Alexia’s years still twitching in fear. His hands fell on the tops, causing her to go numb. Her ears flushed red. As an elf dragon, her ears and the back of her neck were sensitive places that no one should touch.

But if it was her Father God, she wouldn’t have the guts to refuse.

Just as Alexia forced her body to endure the discomfort, a divine voice suddenly echoed from the void.

The voice was very faint at first, even Alexia could not hear it, but it slowly grew louder and louder. From the chaotic ringing, it became orderly and neat. It was the cumulation of the voices of the prayers from men and women, from young and old. Each of their words carried a detailed meaning that echoed in the entire space.

“Father God, the time has come!”

Alexia’s body shook. Even she understood that it was time for her Father God to ascend to become a god. She stepped back, afraid that she might disturb Louie.

Seeing this, Louie smiled and said, “You don’t have to retreat so far, Alexia! Just stand next to me. It won’t affect me, nor will it affect you.”

The ascension of the gods in San Soliel was not like a heavenly tribulation in Xianxia novels. There was no heavenly thunder that would descend, nor were there any visions that would affect the main continent. Everything that would happen would happen in the soul and body of the god. Succeeding would mean becoming a god, and failing would mean burning to ashes. No other creature would be harmed in the process.

The divine fire was the fire that burned in the hearts of gods. It was not a physical object and no danger would occur if anyone were to touch it.

Louie saw his daughter hesitate and then walk closer to him. Then he closed his eyes.

Louie had previously consulted with Selune and Shae about the process of becoming a god. As the two most ancient goddesses, they had an unparalleled understanding of the gods. This allowed Louie to run countless simulations in the depths of his mind. Moreover, with his godhood, he did not have to go through the most dangerous and difficult process of shaping the godhood.

The godhood sunk into Louie’s soul and bloomed with incredible brilliance.

If godhood was like a rusty machine that had lost its power in the past, now it was brand new and was running again!

Then, Louie’s divinity merged into and connected his soul and the godhood with a string.


Louie felt his soul shake and his entire perception of the world changed!

The main continent was currently at high noon, but suddenly, every creature on the main continent was startled and looked at the sky with shocked gazes. The sky had been covered with a curtain of darkness and countless stars rose from the far horizon, leaving long trails and shining brightly.

The stars shifted and the stars in the sky shone brightly.

A star represented the authority of a God, the throne of a God!

The meaning of the star shooting up the night sky meant that a new throne was exalted for a god!

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