Chapter 34 - Earth’s Hegemon
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 34 - Earth’s Hegemon

Louie was definitely not a real God.

He was only a dragon that had chanced unto the godhood of a dead one. As his godhood was neither connate nor something he had personally cultivated, he did not understand much about its abilities.

With his divine power, he could replicate some divine abilities, but his efficiency in doing so was piss-poor. He knew what he was doing, but he didn’t understand how he was doing it.

Louie had also racked his brains thinking about how to accumulate more divine power. At the moment, however, he felt elated as he realized that the natives could be useful in that regard.

At the very least, Louie knew that even if he was not a God, he had the ability to collect divine power with his godhood.

‘Is this because of their faith?’

Louie gazed at the natives who knelt before him. Even though Louie himself was an atheist, he could detect the devotion within them.

Perhaps to these people, Louie’s appearance, his ability to spit flames, and his speech were enough to convince them of his supernatural origins.

At that moment he received a flash of insight, ‘No wonder San Soliel is so backward……’ he wondered.

Louie realized that San Soliel was quite possibly underdeveloped because the Gods themselves had prevented any technological advancement. That its civilization had stagnated for millennia despite its plurality of realms, races and magic could only imply that, in his opinion.

When humans banished the unknown and grasped the truth by themselves, they would cease to worship deities. This was why modern societies tended to have high incidences of atheism and irreligiosity. So long as humans needed to turn to the Gods for comfort, they would continue to worship them. The more primitive the society, the greater the reliance on deities.

Of course, this was not absolute. As civilization advanced and populations boomed the number of believers would often actually increase. What fell was their proportion in relation to the rest of the population.

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Louie felt he might have touched on something extremely important. He thought more carefully about the information he had obtained in San Soliel. That world had numerous Gods and no particular God fostered a tremendous amount of believers. Moreover, even that backward world had its own share of irreligious people who officially ‘worshipped’ under the banner of a God. It was not necessarily the case that the more believers a God had, the better.

If that were the case then the Gods would likely have fought between themselves for absolute control over the faithful. There would definitely be more theocracies around in that case.

Louie looked once more at the natives and decided to put those matters aside.

This tribe, in addition to the 20 to 30 people who were driving off the crocodiles, and including the children and elderly, had only about 70 members. They would be suitable for a few experiments to better understand godhood.

Their ignorance of modern scientific breakthroughs and phenomen

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