Chapter 35 - Bestowing an Artifact!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 35 - Bestowing an Artifact!

The five people from Stanford University were organizing their equipment before their trek through the jungle. Among them was a beefy middle-aged man who directed the remaining four. He was Professor Johnson, and the four individuals accompanying him were his students. Three of them were male, and the last was female.

“Professor, why are those soldiers following us exactly?” the sole lady asked.

“I genuinely don’t know, Lucy. This morning the university called, asking to let them accompany us. Apparently, the Department of Defense is involved in some way.”

Professor Johnson’s tone also carried a bit of dissatisfaction. With his status and accomplishments, he did not feel comfortable being rushed into this kind of collaboration without more information.

“Well, let’s just consider them as bodyguards. The forest is full of dangers after all. So long as they don’t interrupt our research, it should be fine. And who knows? They might turn out to be useful,” the professor continued. He gave a helpless shrug.

At this juncture, one of the other men spoke, “That’s right, Lucy! This place is just teeming with danger. There are poisonous insects and fierce beasts by the dozen, and these soldiers might give us an added layer of protection.” He courteously spoke, and eyed her affectionately, “If I didn’t understand your love for zoology I would never have brought you here.” 

“Goddamit Dylan do you ever stop?!” Lucy snapped.

At once the remaining students broke out into sniggers. It was common knowledge that Dylan was head over heels for Lucy. He came from a wealthy background, and Lucy, one of the most beautiful ladies of the university, was someone he had been courting for a long time. The two were already considered by most on campus to be a couple.

The professor smiled inwardly at this and reminisced over his own youth. From the corner of his eye, he made out the bespectacled captain approaching them. He clapped loudly to call his students’ attention.

“Alright guys, let’s finish prepping. I’ll be having a chat with the captain in the

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