Chapter 310 - The Magic Formation Around the Planet
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 310 - The Magic Formation Around the Planet

“Sir, this is a report on the Celtic god’s actions at Buckingham Palace.”

In the middle of the White House, the President of the United States of America and the country’s upper echelon were watching recorded footage of the events that took place in London.

“According to Harvard University, Stanford University, and several other psychological and micro-expression experts, the Celtic god who appeared and invaded Buckingham palace this time did not act spontaneously. Rather, his actions were likely premeditated.”

The POTUS opened the report and displayed it on the screen. After quickly reading it, he raised an eyebrow, “...What’s the main point?”

“The experts have made some conclusions from the words of the Celtic God. They have also found details of the expression of satisfaction on the god’s face when Queen Elizabeth agreed to his requests. They have all agreed that the Celtic gods are different from the traditional accounts of them being unthinking. At the very least they have enough intelligence and possess an internal political climate.”

“I’m afraid that this god deliberately invaded Buckingham Palace to force the Queen to agree to his demands. This was probably his goal from the beginning. He did not want to completely retake the Celtic territories and was just acting things out!”

Hearing the words, the president and the people inside the room looked at each other with serious expressions.

This report simply meant that Celtic gods were not only reckless, but they would also recklessly use their brains, which increased their danger level.

“None of these gods are easy…”

The president sighed.

“Your Excellency, we have obtained a lot of information from the Celtic god. There is still some time before the specific analysis. Do you have any instructions about Christ?”

“Let the Jews go bother Christ. We’ll just wait and see what happens. We’ll also join forces with the European Union, Russia, China, Japan, and other countries to pressure Britain. We need to know what Elizabeth II and those wizards talked about. At the same time, we need to pressure the Vatican to share as much information as possible.”

At the same time, other countries were also doing the same thing. They united together to put pressure on Britain and the Vatican at the same time.

This was human politics. It only contained everlasting interest and in face of it, even hostile forces would temporarily unite together.

In Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II entertained Fake-Marches as a state guest. The other wizards left immediately after they repaired the palace. While she was slightly disappointed at this, she didn’t let it cloud her objectives..

In the Victorian-style banquet, warm black tea and delicate pastries were placed on the table. Outside the window was the view of the garden of Buckingham Palace. In the room, apart from the Queen, only a few members of the immediate royal family were present.

With the Queen’s rich experience and skillful tongue, anybody would feel right at home. In most cases, it wouldn’t be hard for her to tease out secrets from her interlocutors, either directly or by implication.

But, Louie also had significant political experience in San Soliel. He rebuffed her efforts at sounding him out fairly easily.

After an hour of friendly conversation, Queen Elizabeth sighed. The wizard named Marches spoke to her without revealing much, showing that he was also quite experienced. After trying for a long time, she still couldn’t tell what to make of him.

However, she was still able to extract some information from him over the course of their conversation. For example, the group of wizards that came with him was all part of the Order of Merlin. They believed in Celtic druid culture and their headquarters was located in London. She also found out that Marches was also an Englishman who was a hundred forty years old, born when Queen Victoria ruled the country.

After hearing that the wizard was born during Queen Victoria’s era, Queen Elizabeth knew that she would not be able to find out his life history. A hundred years was something capable of rubbing away information from the past, especially with the events of the second world war.

However, she was still surprised that the headquarters of the wizards was located in Longdon. She did not expect such an incredible group to be hiding right under their noses.

After learning of his age, she was also a bit enthusiastic. He was almost a hundred and fifty yet his body was still spirited and healthy. Perhaps the wizard had a way to live a longer life. If possible Queen Elizabeth would not mind living for forty to fifty more years.

“Your Majesty, we have probed each other too much, but I must first tell you of the important things that I have to report on behalf of our god.”

The Queen’s smile faded. She sat up straight and gestured for the person at the side to record the contents of their conversation. Then she nodded her head, indicating for the wizard to continue.

My god, Connacht Rhys, had informed you about the evil gods. Those evil gods who appeared in Tokyo were just vanguards. We know that their main forces have significant plans and will likely act on them soon. If we let up a little, then humanity would be wiped out. We wizards are also mortals and can suffer from disasters.”

“Since the environmental changes in this world are not yet complete, only a few gods can descend onto the world. If we want to survive this crisis, we would need human effort. To put it bluntly, there are other beings in the universe besides us, and we humans are not particularly important to the gods.”

Speaking so, Marches sighed as if he felt sorrow for humanity.

Although Queen Elizabeth's face remained unchanged, her inner thoughts were shaken. The staff recording the words and other members of the royal family were equally shocked.

Scholars had put forward a hypothesis that Earth was not the only place with life. This was because many locations in mythology simply could not have happened on a small planet like Earth. Those experts believed that other than Earth, there should be other worlds and planets.

However, these were only speculations in the past. Now that they had learned the truth from the wizard's mouth, how could they not be shocked? If they spread these words to the world, then human history would change significantly.

This was not a complete lie. After all, there were indeed other civilizations out there. For example, the Terran Civilization aimed to wipe out other civilizations. With the infinite expanse of space, how could there not be other planets and cultures?

“Then what should we do? Human weapons are ineffective against them. We couldn’t even do anything against the Celt, so how are we supposed to face off against the evil god?”

Her implicit meaning was for the wizards to teach them magic.

Under everyone’s eager eyes, the wizard pulled out a roll of parchment from his sleeve and spread it out, revealing an exquisite graph with words and designs that none of them could decipher.

Marches said, “I hope that your Majesty would also provide this formation to other governments. Let them use their manpower to build these magic formations in these places.

Saying so, Marches pulled out a world map in which the world was drawn in detail.

“This magic formation does not require a lot of materials, but it requires manpower to carefully prepare. Only the construction of these magic circles would give us a chance against the gods.

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Earth was void of mysteries, but magic did exist. In other words, it was possible to release spells, but Earth could never create mages itself, which formed a contradiction. Why did magic even exist?

Louie, who had the help of the Terran Civilization, was able to break this contradiction.

Since the souls of Earth’s believers could not return to his divine kingdom on their own, he simply had to establish a spell that could send them there. The problem was that the seven billion people were spread throughout the planet, giving Louie a headache. Doing it manually would be tedious and inefficient.

And so he decided to play upon their fears with a made-up deity. If successful, he could scare all the world governments into doing the bulk of the work for him and he would only have to start the formation up when they finished. The formation would then remain active and use Earth's magic power instead of his to remain active permanently.

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