Chapter 311 - Divine Authority of Time
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 311 - Divine Authority of Time

Editor Note: Again, this author is out of whack when it comes to understanding people/religions that aren’t Chinese. Don’t take him too seriously.

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For the entire afternoon, the queen chatted happily with the wizard. The British royal family obtained what they wanted. Although they had to share the magic formation with other governments, the queen also received information that MI5, with the cooperation of MI3, had seized the other golden apple and had now placed it in a laboratory.

With the magic formation, they were also able to obtain drawings that contained mysterious runes and symbols.. The Queen felt that they were now ahead of other countries in terms of research of the mysteries. If they had more luck, then they might be able to regain their past glory. At the very least, they would not be in their current awkward position.

The words of Fake-Marches especially made the Queen’s heart excited.

“Your Majesty, I still have a minor request. Princess Charlotte ate the golden apple given by Fairy Queen Moronoe, and her physique changed. If possible, I wish to take her as my apprentice. With her talents, she would definitely be able to become an excellent witch.”

Fake-Marches showed a bit of hesitation when he asked.

Unbeknownst to him, both the Queen and Princess Charlotte’s parents were happy when they heard Marches’ words.

Faith in Christ? This was a small thing in Britain that held freedom of religion to be a paramount right. Even the royal daughter of England could choose to believe in other gods. This was an opportunity to come in contact with the unknown. If this powerful wizard chose to teach Charlotte, then she would become a superhuman that was different from mortals.

At that moment, the queen thought of having Princess Charlotte inherit the throne.

The Queen nodded her head in agreement and wanted to have Princess Charlotte go under this wizard as her teacher, but in the end, Fake-Marches shook his hand in refusal. He said that he had to complete the task given by the gods first, afterward, they could talk about accepting apprentices, so this matter was temporarily shelved.

However, the royal family became more enthusiastic, completely treating the old wizard as one of their own. Fake-Marches was held up a lot before he could leave Buckingham Palace, and he eventually disappeared through a portal.

At this point, Louie had finished the preliminary preparations for his grand plan. Because he had promised to take the princess as his disciple, the royal country would strive to deploy these magic formations. Although the British Queen did not have any rights to enforce people, she had enough prestige to convince people to do so. Now that she had a connection with the wizards, her voice would have some more weight.

As to whether other countries would believe the arrival of the evil gods and create the magic array, Louie was not worried about it. With the proof of evil gods, the governments would do it out of fear.

However, casting magic that could cast an illusion over the entire world was currently outside of Louie’s capabilities due to his lack of power. He needed to become a true god to be able to do so, which was why he was not worried. The time for that would come very soon.

At that time, he would be a true god and not an enemy that Earth’s civilization could deal with.

Now that his first plan for establishing his kingdom had been completed, he was now at the final step of consolidating the faith of the world.


The Somali Republic was in the easternmost part of the African continent. The Somali Peninsula had the longest coastline in Africa, and anyone would first associate Somalia with pirates.

Although Somalia was said to be a republic, its government was extremely corrupt and the people of Somalia could be said to resort to piracy due to extreme poverty. Although the government tried to combat piracy, it was not particularly effective. The fundamental reason for this was that some government agencies had in fact been secretly supporting the pirates.

The current president of Somalia, President Abdullahi was sitting behind a desk smoking a cigar. His face was sad but contained a hint of fanaticism while looking at the email displayed on his computer.

Abdullahi, who was a devout believer of Islam, felt hatred from the bottom of his heart at the ‘Christ’ who was on his way to Somalia from Kenya.

Ironically, because of this ‘Christ’, his faith in his own god only grew.

On one hand, he wanted to move against the so-called ‘Son of God’, but on the other, he recognized that as a mortal, he was limited in his ability to do so.

That was until he received an email from the United States of America.

The Jewish consortium of the United States of America had sent him a large sum of money and American military equipment, hoping that he would help them stop Christ. If he agreed, these plutocrats would also give him more financial support so that he could wipe out all of his domestic opposition.

Abdullahi was not stupid. How could he have become the president if he was? He knew that the plutocrats were trying to take advantage of him. Under normal circumstances, he would have chosen to refuse, but this was a rare chance for him to exercise his faith to the utmost.

As a result, Abdullahi finally agreed to their request. He convinced himself that he was not bewitched by the money they offered him, but that he was doing this for his own faith.

“Allahu Akbar, I am willing to make this sacrifice.”

He closed his eyes, and he could clearly imagine the lascivious scenes that would await him in Paradise if he died.

The scripture said that the righteous would live in a safe place, live in Paradise. They would be able to wear silken clothes and obtain beautiful women to be their companions!

Having reaffirmed his faith, he began to issue orders to his men. These loyal individuals were also fanatical believers like him. At the same time, they were also suicidal daredevils.

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Somali was about to become the next Rome where Christ was bound and executed!


On the Kenya-Somalia border, what was once a procession of only a few hundred had expanded to nearly tens of thousands of people. These devotees had followed Christ through the country of Kenya to the ‘new land of Canaan’.

As ‘Christ’, Louie remained serene and calm as he walked barefoot on the Earth. In fact, this ‘Christ’ was not Louie himself anymore, but an intelligent puppet that he had created with magic and substituted for himself midway.

He had swapped places because he had received a sudden realization regarding the divine authority of Time. The temporal differentials between Earth and San Soliel had spurred this, and now he felt that he had a solid understanding of the entire domain.

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