Chapter 312 - Bring Out the Artillery
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 312 - Bring Out the Artillery

The East African coast, Somalia.

A militia of dark-skinned soldiers busied themselves with transporting various kinds of weapons and ammunition along the coastline. Tough and fierce-looking men lifted up crates filled with automatic rifles, ammunition and rockets into a convoy of rickety trucks. In contrast to the shoddy vehicles, however, the contents of the crates were state-of-the-art and highly valuable. After all, these had been given to the Somalis by the Jewish consortium of the United States of America.

“Hurry up! Move faster!”

“Pay attention and don’t drop it.”

“After you deliver the items to the northern barracks you can leave.”


The sudden influx of high-quality arms left many of the soldiers confused and curious as to their origins. A few had some suspicions, but most honestly, they couldn’t be too bothered about where they came from. Far more relevant was the income they’d earn for transporting them to their employers. Opportunities for a safe and good wage were hard to come by in these times.

Soon the last truck drove off, fully laden with the tools of conflict, and the bustling coastline quickly returned to being a scenic beach. Only two men remained standing and staring at the waves. The first was President Abdullahi, and the second was of military origins. His uniform sported numerous medals and a beret fit snugly onto his head. Turning to the president he saluted.

“Mr. President, all the goods have been received. As you requested, we prioritized loading and did not bother counting them.”

“Very good. Next, place our best troops at the border south of Kenya. I will be joining you at the command center soon, so until then, make sure there are no setbacks.”

“Yes sir!”

This buff Somali general saluted once more to no one.


In the presidential palace of Mogadishu, Somalia, Abdullahi placed down his communicator. His hands trembled as he picked up the cigar next to him, lit it up, and took a drag. Then he gently exhaled the smoke.

The trembling did not come from fear, but a kind of religious fervor. With the arrival of the weapons, Abdullahi felt more and more sure that this was a test from his deity. And it wasn’t just him alone. Many others under his employ felt this to be a moment of true reckoning......

The next day, Abdullahi directly took a plane from Mogadishu to the border. The situation would require his personal oversight in order to avoid any mistakes.

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South of Somalia was a series of plains that crossed over into neighboring Kenya. One of these was encamped by a troop of 10,000 active-duty soldiers. These were the creme de la creme of the country’s forces and wholeheartedly executed all orders given to them without any qualms of personal morality. Abdullahi and the military elite had not informed them about the goals of the current military exercise. Rather, they were told that they would be drilled.

Given the true implications of the intended actions, Abdullahi could not guarantee that the army would comply. It was completely possible for part of, or even the majority of the army to mutiny if they learned that they were to fire at ‘Christ’.

“Mr. President, the troops have been prepared and the weapons have been loaded. We await your command.”

The general who checked the goods earlier accompanied Abdullahi on his tour of the camp. There were hundreds of vehicles and dozens of old tanks. There were even thousands of rocket launchers aiming at the distance. According to their information, Chest was leading nearly five hundred thousand disciples as he advanced.

The total number of these weapons was not more than 10,000, but this kind of saturation attack was especially powerful in the plains. There was almost nothing to hide behind and each shell of artillery could do devastating damage.

Abdullahi knew that these weapons would not be able to do any damage to ‘Christ’, but he aimed for the 100,000 disciples behind him.

So what if ‘Christ’ could not be harmed by these shells? As long as the disciples who followed him were killed, then his prestige would decrease.

‘Allah will surely reward me!’

The Islamic creed held that while Jesus was a prophet, he absolutely wasn’t the son of God or even God himself. This was one of the major differences between Islam and Christianity. And if it was proven to be untrue, then Islam and Judaism would be relegated to being false religions.

But neither Abdullahi nor his men were aware that their hearts had been completely distorted. They were becoming obsessed and fanatical. This was a reckless choice that he should not have made as a president, but that he did anyway. Even the Jewish plutocrats did not expect this president to be so crazy.

The president, whose mind had been distorted, gazed at his troops with reddened eyes. With a hoarse voice, he shouted, “Fire as soon as the targets are within range. No need to ask for my orders.”

“Understood, sir!”

Such a massive troop movement in Somalia had long been discovered by other countries. Just when the countries were still discussing what Abdullahi’s troops were going to do, they found out that they were gathering at the border. Every country was worried that he would do something crazy, but he moved too fast and no one could stop him.

The heads of the major countries had only one thought at this time, “These bastards are seriously crazy.”

Louie had already taken over the puppet he had made and was once again leading his disciples as ‘Christ’ forward. He seemed ignorant of what was happening in front of him, but also seemed to know all that awaited him.

At this time, Louie was immersed in his own godhood. He watched as the divine authority of time was lit. As the five branches lit up, it surged up and finally converged into ‘dragon’, which was the only one left unlit by Louie. This was also his most important divine authority.

At this time, Louie began to think of a question. Namely, why was much of Earth’s mythological history similar to San Soliel’s? For example, there were elves, dragons, druids, dwarves, angels, demons, and many fantasy species in Earth’s mythology and they were actual creatures in San Soliel. This seemed too coincidental to be shrugged off.

Perhaps there was a connection.

Pondering on this for a while, he asked the Intelligent Brain. Its response, however, was that San Soliel and Earth were completely different worlds with no relationship.

Thus, Louie concluded that it wasn’t that the mythical fantasy of Earth created San Soliel, but that the world of San Soliel had influenced the ancient myths and legends of Earth.

This could be inferred from the history of both sides. The real history of Earth was probably only a few thousand years old, while the history of San Soliel was more than 100,000 years.

Therefore, from a historical point of view, it could only be that the world of San Soliel had influenced the development of Earth. As to how this happened, the culprit might be the Terran Civilization. It was only this civilization that created a channel between the two worlds. It had invaded San Soliel and left a part of its heritage on Earth.

So it was very likely that the Terran Civilization brought some information from San Soliel to Earth, which was the beginning of human civilization at that time. In a way, Louie performing acts like the gods of San Soliel was a kind of return to origin.

Just as Louie understood the relationship, he and his disciples also stepped into the border between Somalia and Kenya and arrived in Somalia.

Ten thousand meters away, after learning that Christ had entered range, President Abdullahi and his generals looked at each other and simply gave an order.


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