Chapter 23 - I Want This Elf To Lay Eggs For Me!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 23 - I Want This Elf To Lay Eggs For Me!

Sisna arrived at the palace on the highest point of the city unhindered. The route was especially clear since the city’s residents kept their distance, fearful of becoming the dragon’s next meal.

Standing at the entrance of the palace, Sisna’s black eyebrows tightened up. As a believer of Lady Silver Moon, she felt awkward when in another God’s church, but thinking of her responsibility as well as Her Majesty’s mandate, she took a deep breath and stepped into the church with a determined expression.

The church’s lavish decorations made Sisna slightly unhappy. As an elf, she preferred the comfort of nature over the lavish use of gold and silver decorations.

The circular palace was silent, eerily so. Sisna calmed her mind before stepping in, and not long after she arrived at the chapel prayer hall.

She heard the jingle of falling coins soon after.

The benches used by the congregation had already been removed. The ground was covered with gold, emeralds, onyx, and other precious stones as well as precious metals. Even as an elf, she felt her heart skip a beat. 

On this mountain of treasure lay a dragon whose scales glittered no less than the treasures around it. Its frame was a far cry from its prior humongous stature, but Sisna dared not act disrespectfully in front of it. With the Gods having faded away eons ago, Sisna knew that this eccentric primordial dragon was an absolute existence on the continent. 

Now, however, it sported a beautiful crown over its golden head and possessed the mien of a king.

The dragon, lying on top of the gold, was currently using licking a longsword clean. From the weapon’s fluctuations, Sisna could tell that it was a priceless divine weapon.

‘It seems that dragons, even demigod primordial ones, truly can’t help but be greedy. The city is in utter chaos, and yet the lord does not seem to care about his territory at all.’

Sisna secretly sighed, unsurprised by the sight before her. If a dragon wasn’t greedy and covetous of treasures, then it wasn’t really a dragon.

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