Chapter 22 - I Have a Bold Idea
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 22 - I Have a Bold Idea

Marches’ explanation piqued Louie’s interest in the crown. Its ability to dominate angels alone would doubtless allure many.

The angels of San Soliel were not creations of the Gods, but their messengers. They were a rare and powerful race that resided in the upper realms, and their innate sense of justice and purity meant they often earned the Gods’ favor. 

Of course, their sense of rectitude was quite popular with others as well. To be more exact, the idea of defiling their virtuous dispositions was a common fantasy for males; demon or otherwise. Taking a proud angel; with its stubborn eyes and pearl white wings, and tarnishing them bit by bit would be nothing short of pure ecstasy.

Granted this was quite the evil thing to do, but Louie could not care less. He was no longer human and would not be bound by human morality. He was a proud dragon, and he would do whatever pleased him. Just as he should.

Unfortunately, the Crown of Dominance could no longer use the spell. It could only use the ‘Dominate Human’ spell and the ‘Aura of Fear’.

Louie was slightly disappointed but soon calmed down. Since he could not find an angel at the moment, the crown’s primary function would be useless anyways. Being able to use ‘Dominate Human’ once a day and ‘Aura of Fear’ was already quite powerful.

Louie’s body was still growing up, and he did not want to use the godhood unless it was absolutely necessary. After all, he still didn’t know how to replenish it. To conserve his power he would arm himself as much as possible while he became stronger.

The ‘Aura of Fear’ could equal the release of his dragon’s might. It would strike fear in the hearts of his targets and reduce their combat power, thereby supplementing Louie’s shortcomings.

‘Dominate Human’ was a spell that could control humans below the seventh rank, and the duration of this control was based on the human’s strength. In battle, a few seconds of control would be more than enough to inflict fatal damage.

What’s more, Louie felt that this ability could be put to good use after returning to Earth. As Earthlings had no occupational levels, there would be no one beyond his control. That it could only control a single human per day made it seem weak, but this was any human of his choosing. Everyone from presidents to business leaders was fair game.

Moreover, if he could fix the crown someday he wouldn’t mind finding a dainty angel to serve as his concubine. Heaven alone knew what exactly the God who created it was thinking. Expending all the effort, which was by no means meager, to craft such a divine weapon seemed utterly crazy to Louie.

Louie pondered, and with his claws, he picked up the crown, slightly worried. 

The crown was made for human-sized creatures, and he was a dragon, so it would not fit him.

He placed it on his head to see just how poorly it fit but was pleasantly surprised when it expanded to fit his head.

‘It’s worthy of being a former divine weapon after all……’

Louie sighed in relief and swayed in glee. His tail was still co

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