Chapter 24 - The Star of the World’s Attention!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 24 - The Star of the World’s Attention!

“Lord Galakrond?”

Sisna saw that the dragon seemed to lapse again into absent-mindedness. She lightly called out, pulling Louie’s mind back.

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“I want you to tell me the history of this city as well as the current state of the world in general. Countless years ago I was trapped within an unknown realm in the sea of stars. Had I not felt the summons from the main continent, I would likely still be wandering the endless sea of stars today. I need to brush up on my understanding.”

Louie lowered his voice as much as possible, but he did not forget to add an air of dignity.

It was said that a single lie would cascade into a thousand more as the liar attempted to cover it up, and Louie was a perfect example of this. Since everyone had misunderstood him so far, he might as well roll with it. Even if he acted a little lively, they’d only think he was an eccentric dragon who remained young at heart.

Nevertheless, there were certain emotions he absolutely could not express such as fear and alarm. No matter how dire the situation seemed, he would have to maintain a composed visage.

Even if this was technically his first time in another world, he had still read many novels. If he couldn’t do even that then he’d truly be an idiot.

Transmigrators and reincarnators needed to have a solid grasp on their attitudes. Only idiots would look for trouble in situations that they did not yet understand.

Asides from being recognized as a demigod, Louie had also obtained a fundamental understanding of the cosmology of San Soliel. He knew that countless realms, large and small, existed within the sea of stars. Any entity that accidentally wandered into one of the unknown realms by accident could find themselves stranded until the day they died.

So, there was no problem with his excuse at all. Even the Gods could get lost in the sea of stars. In fact, whenever they wandered the sea of stars they would make sure to properly prepare the return coordinates. If even they could get lost then a ‘demigod’ like Louie losing his way wasn’t strange at all.

Hearing Louie’s words, Sisna’s heart shook as she realized that her and her queen’s guess was correct. This living specimen of an otherwise extinct species had been lost eons ago in the sea of stars. It was only the queen’s divine power that had allowed it to return to the main continent.

In that case, this dragon was extremely lucky. Sisna recalled her queen talking about the ‘Lost History’ on occasion when she was still a young ranger. She figured that this dragon had been asleep during the period, and so had missed the Dragon God’s call. Considering that the call had preceded the biggest disaster that San Soliel ever faced, providence was definitely on the dragon’s side.

Very little was recorded concerning the catastrophe, and only a few words trickled on occasion into the ears of the privileged. That said, anyone who survived the calamity would be sure to remember it. In it, nearly all life in San Soliel was extinguishe

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