Chapter 2 - I, Who Became a Dragon
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 2 - I, Who Became a Dragon

Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain. Unbearable pain. Pain that would make you wish you were dead.

As an ordinary human being, Louie had never experienced this kind of pain in all his life. It was as if his body and soul were being torn apart.

As a protective mechanism, humans would lose consciousness once their pain passed a certain threshold. Perhaps because lizards have no similar mechanism, or perhaps because the pain had blasted straight through any such frameworks, Louie remained conscious The searing pain only heightened his awareness.

Slowly, in this intense pain, Louie noticed that his awareness had sublimated and had begun to leave his body. In this paradoxical state - suffering through insufferable pain while staying awake - Louie felt like he was ascending to heaven, or becoming an immortal as inexplicable changes were happening to his soul.

His consciousness and soul had transcended the limits of living creatures and was watching the world from a 360-degree perspective. Even if he was in a small lizard’s body, he was able to observe everything.

As a soul, even the darkness of this strange crack was unable to block his ‘vision’. And so he was surprised when he saw that the ‘metal’ he had bumped into earlier on was not a metallic mineral at all, but some clearly artificial construct. A spaceship of sorts.

Search for the original.

The "spaceship" had a perfectly smooth surface and an indescribable color. Its metal shell harmonized its flawless exterior, leaving not a single gap. Louie knew that this was definitely not a human artifact. According to his understanding of human technology, it was absolutely impossible to make this near-perfect metal shell.

This spaceship-like object was not very big. It was about 6-7 meters in length, but this length was enormous to a small lizard like him.

Suddenly, the strange spaceship’s outer shell flickered with a faint gloss. A crack opened in the center, causing the perfect construct to split in two. From its center, a glowing five-colored crystal slowly flew out.

The moment he saw the crystal, even Louie, now a mere disembodied soul, felt an urge to kneel and submit - as though it was not some suspicious crystal, but the essence of a god. The apotheosis of all living things and an existence that towered over all other life.

Louie could not describe the shape of the brilliant crystal. It flitted, in an indescribable manner, from one shape to another. One time appearing rhomboid, then squarish, then triangular and ovaloid. The mysterious object seemed to straddle the line between existence and non-existence.

And when he saw the crystal, Louie felt the pain alleviate.

Immediately after, Louie saw that the mysterious crystal seemed to be controlled by some kind of energy. It flew close to the void beside his tiny lizard body. As the crystal touched his body, the lizard body that carried Louie’s consciousness seemed to melt into a fleshy ball that covered the crystal.

The fear of death gripped him like a vise. His body was the

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