Chapter 1 - Jesus Lizard
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 1 - Jesus Lizard

“Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz….”

A mosquito-like insect was flying around within the lush foliage. Suddenly, an earth-colored lizard emerged from the dirt, opened its mouth, and shot out its tongue in a flash. It brought the insect back to its mouth, and then quickly burrowed back into the dirt, using its camouflage to hide and wait for its next meal.

The lizard clamped its mouth shut and swallowed. It felt the deliciousness transmitted by its tastebuds and the feeling of fullness in its stomach before sighing in a very human way.

The lizard was named Louie. He was once a social animal who had graduated from Shangjing University for less than two years. He suddenly woke up one day to find out that he had become a lizard.

With regards to being turned into a lizard, Louie did not feel much regret. Being an orphan, no one would care much if he went missing or died. Even his corpse would probably remain undisturbed in his apartment until the stench became too much to endure for the people living there.

Thus, he was quite accepting of his current situation. Even if he stayed as a human being, he would only become an ordinary cog in society until he decayed and rusted in old age - finally becoming dust that no one would remember.

‘Human beings are truly adaptable. I can even accept eating insects.’

Louie, who had eaten his fill, continued to bury his body under the dirt. He slightly squinted his eyes to rest for a bit. Not making any unnecessary movements was something he had learned after becoming a lizard. Other than being able to decrease his body’s energy consumption, it also prevented predators from finding him as he used his camouflage to protect himself.

In the beginning, when Louie found that he had become a lizard, he could accept everything about the situation. The only thing he could not accept was the need to eat insects to fill up his stomach. His human consciousness made him feel that eating insects was a very disgusting behavior, but as time went by and his hunger grew, the desire for insects only grew along with it. Finally, he could not endure anymore and caught his first insect meal.

It was then that Louie discovered that perhaps because his body was now a lizard, his tastes had become different from those of a human. As he tasted the insect, he unexpectedly felt that it was delicious. It was then that he had truly accepted that he was a lizard and began his life as a lizard.

Inheriting all the abilities of a lizard and having the mind of a human, he lived in the rainforest with good food. His life for the past month was considered easy.

Louie knew neither where this rainforest was, nor whether or not it was even still on Earth. Because he was now a lizard, he could not sense the external temperature, but he could see that the entire place was a tropical rainforest and guess that he was somewhere around the equator.

“Sigh, if only I could be a lion or a tiger, I would have been able to become the hegemon of the grassland and the mountains. Even if I wasn’t a lion or a tiger

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