Chapter 155 - I am a Miracle! I am a Legend!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 155 - I am a Miracle! I am a Legend!

Under the gaze of countless spectators, the skies of Tokyo bore witness to one of the greatest miracles ever witnessed by mankind.

How fast and how powerful was the missile you might wonder? Even if the warhead did not have explosive energy, just the speed alone was enough to tear apart a fully grown adult dragon into pieces. This was a power that mortal flesh could never withstand.

To intercept such a ballistic missile, one would need legendary rank spells to protect oneself. Moreover, the preparations for the spell would have to be done in advance and could not be cast immediately.

And even if one withstood the first shot, human technological weapons could continuously launch dozens to hundreds of it. Even legendary rank mages would become charred under such power.

But just because mortals could not resist it did not mean that the Gods couldn’t. Even if the speed was a hundred times more, true Gods would be able to easily block it. In the face of Gods, speed was meaningless; a mere concept that could be changed once under their domain

Although there was a gap between demigod and true gods, they were both divine entities nonetheless!

Louie was currently in a human form. He used the power inside the godhood to use his divine authority and temporarily become a demigod that could contend with the Gods.

‘Divine power… Emerald Domain!’

Louie wasn’t playing as a God at the moment, so he could not use his divine authority to affect the real world, but he could shrink the domain to only affect himself.

The domain of dreams could turn real into illusory and illusory into real. With his mastery over the dream, he obtained the power to manipulate reality.

‘All dreams come true, fantasy manifestation. This is the incredibility of God!’

A thunderous roar exploded throughout Tokyo, making the sky rumble. Humans could not see the missile that was traveling at Mach 24, but when Louie’s fist made contact with the warhead, time seemed to have stopped. The world lost its luster, becoming completely monochrome, and everyone bore witness to the collision.

In the next moment…


The missile that carried the hopes of modern human civilization exploded. The thermobaric weapon was the limit of class A conventional weapons. Even if it only carried a limited amount of high-energy fuel, its power was still enough to raze everything to the ground. It was close to tactical nuclear missiles.

After the first explosion, the fuel inside the missile would then ignite and explode. This was where the name came from. The second explosion would cause the fuel to instantly combust. All oxygen in range would be consumed causing a massive pressure wave.

The huge vacuum created would be enough to tear the organs of any living creature and level buildings. If there were any normal human beings in the range of the explosion, their bodies would have turned to ashes and printed on the wall in an instant.

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Bunkers were useless in front of this human invention. Whether above ground or below ground, as long as it was within range, no creature would be able to survive.

The outer walls of the buildings melted into lava under the high temperature and pressure. The fierce flames continued burning for a long time. This was the terror of a thermobaric explosion. Its effects were far beyond ordinary explosives. No grass could grow anywhere it blew up.

“What is that? Nuclear explosion?”

Anyone who first witnesses this would always think of it as a nuclear explosion.

“Damn, that’s a thermobaric missile. Which country launched it. This is too vicious! Using such a missile against one person... this might be the first person in the world to experience it.

“Who else but the United States could do this?”

“This thing could instantly disintegrate living things and leave no trace of them behind. It’s truly terrifying.”

“The United States of America has gone crazy. What about the old man that’s been helping us fight those monsters.”

“The leader of those monsters is also within range. America must have wanted to get rid of them both.”

“Heh… This is the so-called politics. America is afraid, afraid of these superhumans, and afraid that their hegemony might be overthrown.”

“How is the old man?”

“No need to look. He is absolutely dead. Even if that thing is not a nuclear missile, it is still considered as one of the strongest conventional weapons. Humans are a form of carbon-based life, right? I don’t think he could survive that.”


Everyone watching the battle went silent. Although they inwardly did not believe that a superhuman could die like this, they could not help but come to that conclusion. In their perception, such a terrifying thing could not be blocked by any creature on Earth. Films and movies were only created by people’s imagination as there was no comparison.


“Quick! Point all the satellites and unmanned drones there, I want to see the results.”

“Are they dead?”

“No response for now. They should be dead.”

“The entire place is still on fire. With temperatures over a thousand degrees, no one could approach it and life detectors are useless.”

“Then we can only wait. My God bless us.”

The governments of the world had mixed feelings while looking at the burning neighborhood. Fortunately, the destruction was not extensive. With The current level of human technology, it would be repaired in two to three months.

But was the old man and the monster really dead?

People were glad and sad at the same time.


The fire seemed to shrink violently and part, revealing the devastated surroundings.

People sucked in a breath of cold air only to see that the ground and the surroundings barely existed. Building exteriors had been turned into liquid metal and lava still flowed everywhere.

But compared to the disgusting scene of this hell, the old man’s figure made everyone more fearful.

He had his hands behind his back, and there were no injuries on his body at all. Even the clothes on his body weren’t destroyed. He was even walking forward in an environment that reached a heat of thousands of degrees.

“Oh MY GOD! He’s the real monster!”

“The world is changing!”

“Impossible. This is definitely impossible!”

“He is Ultraman! Or maybe Megatron?”

“This is perhaps the most miraculous thing in the history of mankind.”

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