Chapter 154 - Blasting A Missile With one Punch!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 154 - Blasting A Missile With one Punch!

With his understanding of Earth’s technology, Louie had never underestimated the power of its advanced weapons. Of all the species on the planet, only humans possessed enough potential to destroy themselves numerous times over.

Though magic was bizarre and unpredictable, it ultimately paled in comparison to the destructive abilities of modern armaments.

While spells like [Fireball] could be effective and powerful within the context of medieval society, they didn’t count for much in the modern world. Rather, their damage potential only reached the level of handheld grenades.

Furthermore, magic required various rituals. It wasn’t as convenient as holding an AK47 and pulling the trigger.

However, there were many spells that had unbelievable effects. For example, the ninth ring spell [Time Stop] had an effect just like its name. It causes people to perceive the relativity of time differently to simulate a time-stopping effect. If it wasn’t because Louie didn’t know how to use it, he would have already scared the people of Earth to death.

And if the Gods used divine power to create a real time-stopping effect, even the Terran Civilisation wouldn’t have a means of defending against it. The paradoxes of science had no meaning for magic. Spells or divine magic were concepts that achieve a purpose while directly omitting most of the process.

In other words, it was impossible to explain with science. There were no processes to spells at all. The ability to stop time was more like a philosophical ability.

After the American nuclear submarines launched the Trident II ballistic missile, all the officers and men of the submarine held their breaths. They stared at the footage on-screen, watching the mysterious old man and the high priest of the deep ones still engaged in a fight to the death.

These ordinary officers and men had excited yet fearful expressions. They didn’t know if it was right or wrong for them to launch the missile.

Although the missile didn’t have a nuclear warhead, it was still an immensely powerful weapon. Its payload was six times more powerful than conventional explosives.

If the missile could kill both of them, that would be the best-case scenario. This would at least prove that the superhumans weren’t invincible and could be killed with modern weapons.

These superhumans could cause great damage to a country due to their body size and ability to hide in crowds, but if modern weapons could kill them, the government would be able to negotiate with them. The government would use modern weapons as bargaining chips so that the other party couldn't act with free reign. This was equivalent to a ‘Nuclear Weapon Treaty’.

But if these weapons didn’t work on these superhumans, the governments would have to be worried about their reactions. Would they be annoyed at the United States of America for launching missiles? Would they step on their land and cause chaos? If that happened, then Hollywood would be the first to go out of business. The reason was that no one would go to the movies anymore and they would just need to watch these superhumans perform in reality.

Some people began to complain about why the government had to implement such a plan with unknown prospects. It would be good if the plan succeeded, but the consequences of failure were too big.

The president of the United States and many senior officials were also watching the missile from the White House. They secretly prayed to God that the missile would be effective, but another thought also popped up in their heads, ‘Would the all-knowing, all-powerful Lord bless the supernatural? Or would he bless mere mortals?’

In fact, the United States had no choice and could only resort to this measure.

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This was the concept of 'the poor had nothing to lose'. The political systems of other countries were shackled by the United States of America. All countries were only the second oldest, so whoever was the boss, their status would remain the same.

But for the United States, things would be different. They were used to being the boss. They could flaunt their carrier fleets in the entire Pacific Ocean. These carrier fleets were the defender of the dollar and oil. This was one of the reasons why the United States could use the dollar to order other countries.

If the world superpower changed, the United States of America, which was geo-limited to North America, would lose everything. Their dollar system would collapse. This was a result that they would not want to see.

With the knowledge that the superhumans were rooted in cultural conflicts, the United States of America was even more frustrated.

Compared to Asia and Europe, the United States of America was a cultural desert.


“What!! Those white-skinned pigs actually launched a missile!”

“It’s an invasion! An invasion of our Japan!”

The senior officials of Japan’s Ministry of Defense and other departments were discussing the current situation and response methods at the prime minister’s residence. After getting news that the JSDF’s radar detected an incoming missile, the senior officials were in a state of panic.

All kinds of verbal curses and shouting echoed from the room.

“We can’t let those Americans do what they want and let them just drop bombs on our land!”

“We should fight back and resist against them!”

But in the end, their clamor was fruitless. They could not really do anything. They had been used to being under America and most of the hot-blooded people of the Heisei and Showa eras were already gone.

“They wouldn’t… use nuclear weapons, right?”

A cabinet official said in horror.

“No, they wouldn’t dare. If they dare use nuclear weapons in Tokyo, World War III could happen. If that happened, everyone would be left with sticks to fight World War IV.”

“Can we intercept the missile?”

“Impossible. The best missile interception system belongs to the United States, and its interception rate isn’t that high. Moreover, the missile is already reaching the end of its acceleration.”

The crowd went silent again. They didn’t want a missile to land even if it wasn’t a nuclear missile. The damage caused to Tokyo wouldn’t be that big, but it would be a huge slap on Japan’s face, even if it was father America.

Moreover, what the Americans could think of, the Japanese could also think of. If the missile could truly deal with the high priest of the deep ones and the old man, that would be for the best. This would mean that human society won against superhuman society. But if it couldn’t deal with them, what would happen when the mysterious old man gets angry?

The Japanese cabinet felt that the Americans were ruthless. They used Japan as an outpost to test the strength of these superhumans and even dragged Japan into it.

“Let’s see the results first.”

The Japanese Prime Minister said with a headache. He felt that he was the only prime minister in all of history to have these things happen in his term of office.

‘Here it comes!’

Louie blasted the high priest of the deep ones into a building with a single slap.

His eyes shrewdly flashed, sensing the rapidly approaching danger.

‘Damn, what speed! Even the nerves of a dragon couldn’t keep up.’

Facing the missile, Louie, who had not yet fully evolved, was also in awe.

‘No other way! I must borrow the power of the godhood!’

Louie made his decision quickly. He began to mobilize the divine power and used his divine authority.

In that instant, his entire person seemed to have sublimated and transformed from mortal into God. Although it was only at the demigod level, it was power close to the Gods. Faced with the power of the missile, Louie was barely able to keep up with that speed.


His nostrils widened as he exhaled. With a loud shout, he stomped on the ground, leaped up into the air, and threw a punch at the warhead traveling at Mach 24.

That image was so spectacular; like a human facing a comet!

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