Chapter 153 - Nuclear Submarine, Ballistic Missile Launch
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 153 - Nuclear Submarine, Ballistic Missile Launch

Louie and the high priest of the deep ones continued to trade blows. The two fought for half an hour in the area, causing the tall buildings to be riddled with holes. If not for the strong foundations of modern high-rise buildings, they would have already collapsed.

Based purely on destructive power, Louie and the high priest wasn’t enough to alarm the people. Blowing up streets of high-rise buildings was simple for modern weapons, let alone tens of thousands of artillery blasts that could level an entire city.

But nothing was more shocking than pure flesh being capable of doing this. Louie and the high priest showed everyone their illogical strength.

No matter how humans researched biology, they would take an incredibly long amount of time and would only be able to make a stronger modified human. If they wanted to reach the superhuman level, it was something that modern science could not do.

“It’s Baji. It’s Bajiquan!! I am one who has learned this martial art. I can tell that the old man is using Bajiquan!”

The whole world was broadcasting the fight in Tokyo. Things had already exploded to this point, and the countries couldn't hide it anymore. Since that was so, they’d rather openly show it to the public and at the same time stifle complaints that the government was hiding information from them.

“How can you tell that Bajiquan is what he’s using? No matter how I see it, I can’t understand their moves. Their speeds are simply too fast.”

“Go to the website. There is an official shot there with advanced camera equipment. You can even play it back frame by frame to see!”

“I never imagined that I would one day use this kind of method to watch someone fight.”

“This is really Bajiquan. This reminded me of Divine Spear Li Shu Wen.”

“Li Shu Wen was a mortal. He can’t even compare.”

“Mom, I have decided, I want to practice martial arts.”


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For a moment, a new sensation appeared in the whole world. Everyone was now on fever for ‘Bajiquan’.

These deep ones were monsters that humans could not imitate. Moreover, the magic used by the high priest of the deep ones was something that normal humans could not learn, but the old man was different. What he was using was Bajiquan, moreover, from his posture and stances, there wasn’t that much difference from modern Bajiquan. So everyone assumed that learning it would have more of an effect.

If Louie knew that humans were thinking like this, he would definitely snicker. Whoever learned his Bajiquan would definitely twist their waist. His power was not from martial arts at all. The problem here was that Earth lacked that special energy fluctuation that San Soliel had. Even if these people practiced till the end of the world, they wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything.

Even if Louie released the secrets of spells to the entire Earth, no one would be able to do it even if they practiced to their deaths.

This could not be helped at all. Earth was only a playground for science and technology. It simply could not play with magic!

‘It’s almost time for the next performance. I will have a magic battle with the undead creature and then I can call it a day. Now, my plan is almost complete. I can soon check if faith can cross through universes and dimensions!’


Meanwhile, under the surface of the Pacific Ocean-

A United States nuclear submarine was quietly moving forward. Suddenly an alarm sounded and all the soldiers quickly took their positions.

In the captain's room, several men were discussing something.

“Do you think we can hit them with a Trident II ballistic missile?”

Several experts in the military were discussing with each other as they watched the battle on screen.

“This man and that monster can move very fast. If they are aware of our movements, they could escape and the difficulty of hitting them would be very high. But if they are within a certain range, they wouldn’t be able to dodge our missile especially when it can reach Mach 24, which is twenty times the speed of sound.”

After a pause, the expert continued, “Of course, it is impossible for them to be hit by the core of the explosion, but they would definitely be within the explosion radius.”

“Are we really going to do this? Won’t randomly attacking these superhumans bring us trouble?”

The captain mentioned it with a bit of worry.

“According to the news from the frontline headquarters in Japan, a suspicious priest appeared there. He could not fight for some reason but is a friend of the old man. According to intelligence, these supernatural forces might have hostility to other cultures. Those of eastern cultures probably belong to one faction.”

“In this period of time, we haven't found any supernatural forces related to western culture. Since there are evil things like Cthulhu and dragons, we are also monitoring the Vatican, but nothing unusual has happened yet.”

“We must first consider whether the form of international politics will change because of their appearance. For example, Japan has cultural similarities to China, so they might choose to go against the United States and choose to unite with China. If so, then the whole Pacific Ocean will be under the control of China and Japan. They might even be able to take the whole of Asia which would be unfavorable if a war breaks out.”

“This time, we have a good reason for doing this. Eliminating the deep ones will be for the sake of humanity. That old man was just unlucky to be affected by the blast. The president has already agreed to this plan. We can also test out the true power of these superhumans to see if they could really handle modern weapons.

The captain was silent for a moment and nodded, “I understand. Do we need to use nuclear warheads?”

“That place is Tokyo, Japan, do not use nuclear warheads. The blame for causing World War III would be on our heads.”

The captain nodded and quickly stood in front of the command console, “We have received higher orders, command code XXXXX. Trident II ballistic missile targeting the coordinates east longitude XXX north latitude XXX. Prepare for launch.”

“Missile is loaded!”

“Countdown to launch…”





Along with the opening of a hatch, a ten-meter long missile and as wide as two meters was pushed out.

It seemed to float for a moment but ejected strong flames in the next instant. It broke the water surface and flew to the skies, speeding towards Tokyo.

It used three-section propulsion so it was in the upper strata of the atmosphere for most of its flight. By the time it was close to the destination, it would descend vertically and fly at Mach 24. The missile was almost impossible to intercept.

Louie, who was fighting the high priest of the deep one, immediately sensed danger!

‘Even my intuition is kicking in? That can’t be good.’

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