Chapter 152 - Suppress Everything. Body of Steel!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 152 - Suppress Everything. Body of Steel!

It was a site reminiscent of modern anime and Hollywood movies.

At that instant when the two stars of the scene’s fists collided, time seemed to freeze. New hairline fissures snaked through the road beneath them. And the cracks from before grew deeper and stretched out a greater distance.


The old man bellowed. His right hand clutched onto the high priest’s fist, grasping it tightly, he blasted out with a left punch to the high priest’s gut. For a split second, the beast buckled and was lifted into the air slightly, but in the next moment, it shot off in the opposite direction with the speed of a cannonball and crashed into a building.

The crowd collectively shuddered at the thought of what such a blow could do to the human body. Once again they rejoiced that he was on their side.

“This evil demon is not so easy to defeat. You all should quickly evacuate from here. Else I cannot guarantee your safety.”

The old man lightly gazed at the penetrated building and waved at the soldiers behind him to back away.

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The American and Japanese joint forces looked at each other. Given that they didn’t know Chinese, they didn’t understand what he was saying. Nonetheless, from his gestures, they could more or less understand his intentions.

They hesitated at first. After all, retreating without orders from their superiors could result in them being marked as deserters.

As if on cue, the officer of the group received a command and ordered everyone to leave the place. The officers and soldiers were relieved to hear this as the great pressure caused by the fight were already too much for them to bear.

The soldiers left the armored vehicles and tanks, but they quickly took a weapon in one hand while helping their injured comrades with another as they left the battlefield. However, they did not retreat too far. In case the old man failed, they would have to take over and fell the beast, no matter the human cost.

“It’s coming!”

Louie’s eyes widened as the high priest arose from the crumbling walls it had crashed into and appeared unharmed.

Putting on a slightly stressed expression, he inwardly thought of the many surveillance devices that could be observing him at the moment. As he couldn’t tell if a country’s satellite or drone was observing him at the moment. He had to deliver a stellar performance.

‘I should be able to win a few Oscars with my acting.’

Louie sighed and then stomped the ground. A powerful force once again dented the ground as he leaped forward at the deep one.

The high priest of the deep one was an undead creature that he had scraped together using one of the legendary spells that Noella had learned.

The undead creature was mainly enchanted with various abilities. Although it could not compare to a true legendary rank powerhouse, it could definitely pose a challenge to them. It was already at the level of transcendence, which could not be compared to ordinary professions at all.

Although ordinary professions were strong, their abilities were far from being able to shock the people of Earth. Even ninth-rank powerhouses wouldn’t be able to threaten Earth’s society very much.

So Louie had no choice but to reluctantly create such a potent foe. Only the true power of a transcendent could make the people of Earth feel the true power of transcendents.

Bajiquan was considered a short-distance punching technique. The actions were simple and uncomplicated, but the force was fast and fierce. Louie did not know martial arts at all, but since he was playing the role, he naturally had to focus on it.

Putting force in the heel, waist, and through the fingertips; these were the elements of Bajiquan that Louie had learned. Now, he was using them against the legendary undead creature under his control.

The legendary undead creature, whose body had been thoroughly strengthened by Louie, was extremely powerful. Although its fists were clumsy, the power behind them could cause gales to blow. Each collision between the two would cause tremendous vibrations in the air, creating loud booms that could rupture eardrums all over the place.

The collision between fists would cause gales to blow up and send debris flying everywhere. In just a short amount of time, they had exchanged countless blows. Their fists were like shadows, and whenever they struck each other directly, the other would fly out, crash into buildings, and leave deep pits.

Their fists were even able to penetrate the external armor of a battle tank with one punch. A single touch of their hands on the tank cannon was surprisingly enough to bend it.

The high priest let out unpleasant ‘gah gah gah’ screams. It angrily lifted an armored car and leaped up. The old man’s face became serious and changed his fists into a palm knife. He then chopped the armored car from top to bottom using only his flesh. It was as if his palm had become the sharpest blade in the world.

They were simply living superhumans. Their bodies might be made of steel, and their fists could create big craters on the ground. The aftershocks of their collision not only plowed the ground flat but also sent cars and people flying. And despite all of their efforts, their superhuman durability meant that they could barely harm one another.

This kind of strength was beyond human imagination. Perhaps only nuclear weapons could suppress them.

But Louie was quite aggrieved, he was now more and more used to fighting like a dragon - biting with the teeth, scratching the claws, and whipping with the tail. Compared to a dragon’s body which was basically a weapon, a human’s body could not really muster up that much power.

‘But this performance should be enough to satisfy my audience right? The governments should begin to understand the strength of superhumans.’

Louie was trying to give the illusion that superhumans were outrageously strong, and that they would have more to lose than gain by confronting them. This way, the governments would choose careful methods when contacting them, to let them communicate with dialogue instead of foolish hostility.

However, the people of Earth didn’t know that Louie was displaying a real high-end battle, even in the world of San Soliel. There weren’t many true gods and demigods in the San Soliel. The legendary level of strength being displayed was already beyond mortals.

And above the transcendents was the demigod level.

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