Chapter 151 - Coach, I Want To Learn Magic!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 151 - Coach, I Want To Learn Magic!

The ghosts had translucent bodies with monstrous teeth and claws. Like the ghosts in movies, they could easily phase through physical objects and float mid-air.

If the deep ones were monsters that reminded people of European or American horror movies, then ghosts would remind people of Asian horror movies.

“Damn, all these demons, devils, spirits, and monsters have all come out!”

“Mom, I’m afraid of ghosts.”

“Oh, God! Even ghosts exist! I can’t turn off the lights at night anymore.”

“You can still fucking sleep!? The world is already fucked up, and you can still sleep!?”

“Will it not end if I don’t sleep? How great is it to be a keyboard warrior! We have been discussing things yet you can’t even say anything good. Put up with it or shut up! If you think you’re strong, then go join as part of the volunteer army in Tokyo and fight monsters!”

“How are we supposed to fight with ghosts? Are we supposed to bring peach wood swords, charms, or some holy water?”

“Black Donkey Hooves, maybe children’s urine works?”

“Is that the legendary summoning magic!! Coach, I want to learn magic!”

“Coach, I also want to learn!”


The internet was a mess. Compared to monsters like deep ones, ghosts brought out more fear from people. Although the deep ones were scary, people only looked at them like lions and tigers. They were vulnerable to modern weaponry. As long as they didn’t suddenly appear in the millions like war dramas, they were killable after a bit of sacrifice.

But ghosts were beyond common sense. In an instant, the world had gone into chaos. With the appearance of ghosts, it did not only mean those ghost legends were true, but it also meant that people could become ghosts after death.

Not only the internet, but countries around the world were also discussing worriedly. Humans stood up from apes and became Homo Sapiens. They had fought and triumphed over countless beasts and creatures recorded in various historical records. However, there were no records of humans fighting against ghosts at all. This was truly something out of their understanding.

“We have received information from the frontlines. As expected, firearms are not that useful against ghosts, perhaps useless even.”

“The energy caused by grenade explosions could damage these ghosts. We can use weapons of mass destruction to deal with them, but this is downtown Tokyo. It is not recommended to use explosives.”

“Warn the first division. Tell all combatants to not fight in areas with a large amount of cover. It’s better for them to fight in open fields. These ghosts can travel through solid objects, making them hard to attack.”

“Ghosts do not deal any physical damage. They can pass through the human body and rob people of heat and energy. Perhaps this might be what they call robbing people of their essence? The people who are affected by this might be able to recover, but it requires follow-up observation and treatment after the end of the battle.”

“Note, if the ghosts take away too much essence, it will kill you. Your bodies will be sucked dry and will turn into a mummy!”

“Please abandon the tanks and armored vehicles. The ghosts can penetrate into the tanks and armored vehicles while humans can hardly escape in that narrow space.”

Various information and commands were being sent to and from headquarters. The experts in the headquarters were also recording things such as the ghosts’ fighting methods, reactions, and abilities. This was the first time humans fought these kinds of beings and any bit of information was a treasure.

Moreover, fighting with ghosts and humanoid creatures was largely different. When fighting humanoid creatures, having more obstacles was better, but it was better to fight with fewer obstacles against ghosts.

“This is great! The twelfth brigade found that flamethrowers and liquid nitrogen are extremely lethal against ghosts!”

Good news finally came into the command room.

After a short amount of time experimenting with various weapons, they finally found the ghosts’ weakness. This was one of the scariest things about modern armies - their ability to collect information in the shortest time possible as well as the ability to make the best response to any situation.

The frontline soldiers found that these ghosts were not absolutely invincible. Ordinary firearms seemed to be useless against them, but explosives like bombs could harm them.

But explosives could not be used like conventional weapons. People could not just hold a bag of explosives and advance forward, that would be like a suicide attack. Even if that was so, humans were soon able to find that flamethrowers and liquid nitrogen were the ghosts’ nemesis.

“What could this mean? Could it be that flamethrowers and liquid nitrogen are equivalent to fire and ice magic?”

A frequent gamer in the command room could not help but ask.

No one could answer him, but everyone thought that this might be possible.

“Sonic weapons, radiation-based weapons, electromagnetic weapons, ultraviolet rays, and other spectral rays haven’t been experimented with. But since we found out that flamethrowers work well, hurry up and send all flamethrowers to the battlefield.”

The army’s efficiency was very good. With flamethrowers considered as conventional weapons, the frontline were soon equipped with fireproof clothes and handheld flamethrower. With this, the ghosts were taken down in large groups.

But these ghosts were also smart. They would hide underground and ambush the soldiers from below, leading to many tragic scenes. Countless white arms would extend from underground. The terror could make anyone piss their pants.

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Other than the initial casualties, the casualties of the soldiers went down after learning the ghosts’ weakness, but at the moment, the army was stuck unable to advance any deeper to the core of the city.

The deep ones at the center of the city were still praying and sacrificing. As there were still more than a million people alive inside, the army did not date use incendiary bombs, missiles, and other such weapons to attack. They could only watch helplessly as the sacrifices continued and people died.

“Quickly look, the high priest of the deep ones have moved!”

With a loud cry, everyone found that the high priest of the deep ones seemed to be annoyed that the ghost could not deal with the enemy. Then, it began to move and joined the battlefield itself.

It randomly picked a direction and arrived in front of two brigades. Due to the previous ghost attack, armored cars and tanks had no one inside them anymore. The high priest was faster than any of the deep ones. It only took a few jumps to arrive at the frontlines. With each jump, the power behind the drop could dent even the thick steel plates of the armored car.

Then, in the eyes of the dumbfounded soldiers, it lifted up an armored car and threw it.

A few unlucky soldiers were crushed to death by the armored car and the remaining soldiers were sent flying by its terrifying roar.

The bullets that poured on the high priest didn’t even hit their marks. Even anti-material rifles were like insect bites against it, and bombs couldn’t even stop its pace. The patterns on its body seemed to be alive, making people suspect that it was some kind of magical protection.

“Is this guy the Hulk!?”

“No, even if it is an abomination!”

“Look, it's that old man who appeared at the airport!”

Just when the high priest was about to commence a massacre, an old man appeared with incredible speed. The old man and the monster’s fists met each other.

“Ha! You devil, go back to the depths of your ocean!”

The old man shouted angrily. His fists were fierce and mighty.

The scene of a 2-meter-tall old man fighting a 3-meter-tall monster formed a stark contrast to the prior helpless situation. The thickness of their arms was not in proportion, but the old man’s thin body successfully blocked the monster’s fist. With each clash, a huge shockwave burst out, shattering glasses and even sending some nearby cars and individuals flying. The ground beneath their feet cracked and formed a depression

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