Chapter 150 - Sacrifice
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 150 - Sacrifice

Tokyo Bay was a famous location that appeared in many Japanese films. Often it served as a place where the Yakuza would dispose of traitors and enemies by placing them in a drum of cement and drowning them in the sea.

Right now, however, it was far more terrifying than pop culture ever made it.

The surface of the sea’s waters bubbled relentlessly before a patch of water erupted into a powerful geyser that shot a hundred meters into the air. Gallons of water poured onto the surrounding environment, and in the middle of it all floated a hideous creature reminiscent of the deep ones; only three meters tall and with larger tentacles and muscles.

Etched onto its body were moving tattoos that captured the forms of crazed and suffering humans who could only moan without a voice. They almost seemed like the souls of the damned.

“Th-this is the high priest of the evil god, just like what the Shinto priest said.”

“This high priest is also a deep one and it actually came out of the water.”

“Quick, have all our ships and the American ships guard the mouth of Tokyo Bay. This monster probably came from the Pacific Ocean.”

“That is probably a real deep one. The ones that appeared in the city before were probably humans that had been turned into deep ones through a strange ritual.”

“Q-quick, the monster seems to be doing something.

The boss had finally appeared. And once again, fear swept through the city.

With its appearance, the remaining deep ones in Tokyo let out ear-piercing screeches which coalesced into a disturbing yet harmonic rhythm. There was something almost sacred about the way they acted. As though they were humans worshipping some ancient deity.

The deep ones drove the tens of thousands of humans they had captured earlier to different spaces in downtown Tokyo. Then these people were made to kneel.

Satellites captured everything happening. Some lucky humans who were not captured were also filming the scene in front of them while hiding inside tall buildings. As the image spread across the world, everyone was filled with a certain dread.

“They really have intelligence and a social class. It’s just that their civilization is much more barbaric like primitive people!”

Some sociologists shouted excitedly. An unknown race living at the bottom of the sea suddenly appeared in front of the world. Sociologists all over the world were excited at the incredulity of the situation. They could not wait to go to the cities where these deep ones lived and observe their ways of life.

But no one paid attention to these sociologists at all. Many military officials and politicians were observing the scene with a frown.

Some captured humans also noticed that something was wrong. They tried to resist, but the deep ones unceremoniously executed those who resisted. With the victims’ headless bodies serving as grim warnings, the remainder of the majority could only accept their fates.

Without firearms, how could they be opponents of the monsters?

Despair enveloped the entirety of Tokyo. The majority of the people captured were locals of Tokyo while the rest were tourists from different countries. However, at this moment, there was no distinction between them at all. No matter their skin color, they were all human beings who were at the mercy of these monsters.

Homo sapiens were often known as the rulers of the Earth, but here they were being herded like cattle.

Perhaps it was just an illusion, but the stars in the sky seemed to brighten. The prayers of the deep ones also rose in volume. And under the eyes of the world, the figure of a giant monster gradually emerged in Tokyo. Its absurd octopoid bulk seemed to blot the entire sky.

At first, it seemed only like a projection - a hologram essentially. But as the prayers continued the figure seemed to become more and more tangible. As though it was trying to manifest in the human world.

The deep ones shouted with even greater fervor.

“They are calling the evil god with sacrifices. Once the image becomes real, the evil god will wake up from its slumber in an instant. Once its gaze and will descend, a true disaster would happen, and this city will completely turn into the kingdom of the evil god.”

The Shinto priest’s face became serious. He had also been watching the screen, “The high priest is surprisingly strong. It would be difficult for that old friend of mine to defeat it… Haa… If only I could join forces with him. Only then would we be certain of defeating this high priest.”

The Shinto priest was angry. With his anger, the surrounding temperature seems to drop several degrees, as if his emotions could induce a change in the natural environment.

The distorted image of Cthulhu hung above the Tokyo sky tower. Its countless tentacles pierced into the void as if searching for the location of its real body.

“The Great Old One…”

Someone murmured.

This was a terror that humans could never overcome. There was a huge possibility that it was a real evil god. If even a silver of its will descended, mankind would face a disaster.

“Quickly have the troops stationed in the vicinity to attack. Don’t give those monsters a chance.”

Some of the officers on site quickly reacted and roared in anger.

Although they still had some doubt of the Shinto priest’s words, they could see the sacrificial ritual happening in front of them that made the distorted image in the sky clearer and clearer. They knew that nothing good would happen by waiting for the ritual to finish.

“Once the stars align, the old dominator sleeping in the abyss will open its eyes. The end of the human world will be ushered in.”

In the U.S.-Japan Joint Operations Headquarters, some people seemed to have already gone crazy. They were muttering words while looking at the sky with a smile. A chill washed over those who were witnessing this.

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The Shinto priest shouted, sobering up the humans who were controlled by their fears.

“Do not let fear invade your minds or you will become a prisoner of the evil god.

He became expressionless and said, “Looking directly at the figure of the evil god will give you unimaginable knowledge, but the price is to be infected by true madness.”

When the excited crowd heard the Shinto priest's words, they immediately came to their senses and broke free from the control.

At the same time, an attack order for the army was issued.

“Take a look… the high priest of the deep ones seems to be doing something!”

At this moment, an observer sensed something was wrong and pointed at the screen.

The high priest performed a strange dance. After chanting a magical incantation, illusory shadow monsters appeared around it. These monsters went in all directions and began attacking the army on their own initiative.

“G-ghosts! It’s actually summoning ghosts!”

If the strange deep ones could still be explained by science due to their flesh, the appearance of these ghosts couldn’t be explained by current technology at all.

The mystery and supernatural power were once again imprinted in people’s hearts to make them believe that everything was real.

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