Chapter 156 - Using the Missile As An Endorsement
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 156 - Using the Missile As An Endorsement

The world was shocked.

When seeing the mysterious old man come out of the flames unharmed and as pristine as before, the spectators when numb with shock.

This was a thermobaric missile.

Whether it was a small thermobaric missile or a big thermobaric missile, it was still a thermobaric missile.

How powerful was this thing you might ask? It’s so powerful that everything in its immediate radius would be instantly annihilated by its heat and pressure. Nothing should have been able to survive it.

But the old man was unfazed at all, and even his clothes weren’t torn. What was more terrifying was that the old man was not at the edge of the explosion radius. He had even punched the missile head-on. With his own body, he had withstood the full power of the explosion and the high temperature.

“I can now understand why characters in Dragon Ball don’t lose their underwear during fights. It wasn’t that the author of Dragon Ball was stupid, but only the strong could protect their underwear properly.”

“One punch against a thermobaric explosion? I want to be invincible as well.”

“In the human arsenal of mass destruction weapons, other than nuclear missiles would be chemical and biological weapons, but I think that chemical and biological weapons may even be less effective on these superhumans.”

“By training in Bajiquan, he could reach a point where his flesh could contend against a thermobaric explosion? Even martial arts novels don’t dare write such things. This is simply dark fantasy, right?”

“Mom, is Earth really Earth?!”


People all over the world were discussing the incredible scene. Moreover, countless foreigners were excitedly clamoring to go to China and learn martial arts. Although they understood that the so-called martial artists in China could never compare in power to the old man, humans had a tendency to view things positively.

In the captain’s room of the nuclear submarine, numerous American officers and sailors gulped their saliva. They incredulously looked at the result.

“I-is he injured or not?”

“God, how would I know. Unless the old man wants us to check his body, how would I know if he is injured or not.”

The thermobaric missile was useless. Would he come to our country’s soil to kill all soldiers?”

“I hope not… Those soldiers who are at the scene are probably feeling very miserable right now.”

“Still, we have to keep firing.”

“That place is Tokyo. Is it not enough to fire one missile? Are you planning to fire another one? What else could we use against the old man? Are you planning on using nuclear missiles? Don’t you think that if we dared fire again, the Japanese would fight for their lives against us?”


“I just received a message from the president. The president and the secretary of defense want us to wait and see what happens. Do not take any more actions.”

“Yeah, that’s the only thing we can do. Let’s see this old man’s reaction first. If more of these superhumans come out, I wonder how we are going to fight it out.”


No one else could say anything, because they didn’t know what to do.


The American soldiers on the scene cursed and trembled with guns in their hands. They wanted the person who was responsible for this mess to take responsibility immediately.

If the old man really decided to invade their homeland, they would definitely pit their lives against him. Even if he was more powerful.

But, the soldiers were called to help Japan to deal with the monsters in Tokyo. The mysterious old man who appeared was also fighting the leader of the monsters, so they should have been natural allies. The old man was a solid barrier that would have protected the soldiers from excessive casualties.

And what did the United States government do? They backstabbed him. It would have been all good if they were successful, but it had failed miserably.

Now, nothing could be done. If the old man was angry and began to retaliate, then even if the United States wanted to start World War III and nuke Tokyo, these soldiers wouldn’t be able to survive. They were simply betrayed if that were to happen.

Even the officers who joined in were also cursing in a panic. The morale of the American soldiers had dropped to the lowest.

Just like American forces, the Japanese Self-Defense Force also received instructions from above, telling them to distance themselves from the American forces to prevent bad luck from affecting them.

Seeing that the allies who were fighting side by side begin packing up their weapons and equipment, the American soldiers were at a loss on what to do.

Louie noticed the change in the American army and did not care at all.

He was a bit angry but it was impossible for him to fly into a rage. The bold actions of the United States of America were a bit unexpected, but he had already set up ample preparations to deal with it. Moreover, thanks to their actions, the effects he was trying to get with his actions were a pleasant surprise.

‘I’m not yet a true god, so I was still a bit reluctant to face a thermobaric missile.’

Louie’s hands that he hid with his sleeves were trembling. There was still a small difference between the power of a demigod compared to Earth’s human inventions.

Even with the power of the divine authority to turn dreams into reality, Louie still had a hard time dealing with the explosion, but this increased the effects of his performance.

If the United States of America really went crazy and used nuclear weapons, people would be able to quickly find out that the superhuman mysterious old man and the high priest of the deep ones would also turn into ashes.

This was also the reason why Louie chose to mess with Tokyo. Tokyo was one of the most populous cities in the world. They would not dare fire a missile that could cause a World War that could threaten the existence of the human race. At the same time, they would carry huge moral and public pressure.

If Louie had been foolish enough to cause trouble in the desert of the sea, nuclear missiles would definitely come flying his way, and he could not face them at the moment.

‘Once I become a true god and gain true power, I can directly destroy a nuclear missile and scare everyone to death!’

Although he would need powerful divine power to be able to achieve this and he was still far from his destination, the ladder had already been prepared and he just had to take things slowly.

Those true gods all had many incomprehensible abilities and all of them were conceptual.

For example, if a true God told you to die, then you would die. This was something unexplainable by science, nor were there any signs that you would face a calamity. You would simply die, plain and simple. There wasn’t any cause-and-effect relationship. You would just die as if God had imposed the concept of death upon you.

Louie felt that the Terran Civilization was certainly powerful, but this civilization was also a materialistic civilization. There was no way for them to prevent this conceptual attack. Louie doesn’t know how to defend against this at all. Even hiding inside black holes or neutron stars would not save you. There was no way to describe this.

‘Only the Gods can fight other Gods.’

Louie was grateful that the Gods temporarily didn’t exist in San Soliel for the moment. If that happened, he would have to behave obediently as they would be able to kill him. Even if he was a demigod, he would have no choice.

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‘Very good. Since the United States of America helped me put on a big show, then the next effect of my plan would be better. If this plan was carried out right off the bat, people might not believe it, but thanks to the missile, people would become more convinced at the existence of Gods.’

Now, Louie gave a thumbs up at the United States. They had already played their part. Now, he hopes that the big countries of the world would obediently stay put.

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