Chapter 3: Who Says A Hero Must Save The World?
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 3: Who Says A Hero Must Save The World?

Today was roughly the 60th day since Liu Ji became a potato.

Well, roughly.

People could easily forget the date even with a calendar, much less after becoming a potato. As a potato, the perception of time was much blurrier; it might have been 60 days, perhaps slightly over 60 days, or even roughly 70 days.

It wasn't that Liu Ji didn't want to leave, but rather, put it this way: being a potato was surprisingly comfortable.

No need to eat, no need to drink. Basking in the sunlight, engaging in photosynthesis, and the day just passed by.

In his previous life, Liu Ji spent three years in high school losing his hair from stress, then having to get a driver's license after graduating. He thought college would be easier, only to find out that he had been deceived for a whole 18 years—college wasn't easy at all. Just Advance Mathematics and English were enough to leave him concussed, and that wasn't even mentioning the tons of major-specific modules.

All he experienced in that half a lifetime was exhaustion.

And when chatting with various alumni and hearing them complain about the hardships of their work lives, Liu Ji felt utterly weary. It seemed like a person's life had to be spent in constant busy hustle, never stopping to rest.

Compared to that, being a wild potato might perhaps be a little more relaxing.

No danger, no stress, nothing to do, not having to think, no worries, no need to strive… He could just comfortably soak up the sun and watch as the days went by.

Sometimes, Liu Ji even thought about being a potato for a lifetime…

Well, that wouldn't really work.

A human’s life was much more exciting, after all.

But if it was just a little extended vacation, Liu Ji didn't mind lazing about for another month or two.



In the royal court, the elderly king watched the slowly revolving astral map, awaiting the oracle's revelation.

After the failure of the previous summoning ritual, he had spent a month and, at the cost of several nobles' heads, finally gathered the resources needed for the second s

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