Chapter 4: Buried In The Ground, Covered In Soil
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 4: Buried In The Ground, Covered In Soil

Liu Ji no longer knew how long he had been a potato for.

Years… Uh, no, it couldn't be that short.

Perhaps several decades? Uh, possibly several centuries or a millennium?

Ahh… I don't know.

In any case, this extended vacation had lasted far longer than he had imagined.

A long time ago, he had tried countless times to revert to human form and search for villages or towns, but each attempt ended in failure, leaving him starving and utterly exhausted.

He even suspected that there were no human settlements nearby at all as he couldn't find any trace of human activity.

There were no footprints, no human voices. He didn't see signs of smoke or any roads.

Eventually, he could only give up.

After all, Liu Ji was just an ordinary college student who had spent his entire life studying; he knew practically nothing about surviving in the wild.

Actually, he felt somewhat regrettable that he hadn't watched some survival show episodes before, but now, it was too late for all that.

With no knowledge of wilderness survival, not knowing where he was, and being in another world, Liu Ji doubted that common navigational wisdom would be of any use.

Most importantly, he didn't know how to find edible food, nor did he know whether the foods he might find in this strange other world were safe to eat.

Unable to find food, he was forced to frequently turn into a potato, relying on photosynthesis to energize his body.

Over time, he simply gave up being human.

And so, he contentedly remained a potato.

Was it boring?

A little at the beginning.

But after being a potato for a long time, Liu Ji's mentality and perception of time also changed. He didn't want to move, and he didn't want to do anything. There was no pressure and no motivation.

Once Liu Ji accepted the fact that he was a potato, everything started to seem natural.

As a potato, not being dug up and eaten was considered a success.

As for other desires…

Well, perhaps praying that the next day brought about good weather?

When the weather was good, photosynthesis was a really comfortable

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