Chapter 2: Photosynthesis Is Comfortable
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 2: Photosynthesis Is Comfortable

What was it like to become a potato plant?

Well, it was very uncomfortable for Liu Ji, at least initially.

It was a sensation close to suffocation, but not entirely.

Liu Ji instinctively changed back, lying on the ground and gasping for air.

He didn't know why he could turn into a potato, but the fact that it happened so irrationally was undeniable. There had been no system prompts or magical cheats appearing in his consciousness. However, Liu Ji almost instantly realized that this might be his own unique benefit from transmigrating.

Just like how it was written in most web novels, a sort of universally accepted, requisite gift for those who crossed into another world.

Although his first experience wasn't pleasant and even felt a bit ridiculous, Liu Ji quickly realized that this ability was exactly what he needed right now.

After all, in the wilderness, a potato plant, while sounding rather unglamorous, would clearly have an easier time surviving than a human who needed food, water, shelter, and warmth and be mindful of injuries and infections.

As for why Liu Ji felt suffocation when he first transformed, it was probably because his lower half wasn't buried in the soil.

Of course, this was only his guess, but he reckoned it was worth a try.

Liu Ji walked around, found a spot with good sunlight and soft soil, and planned to dig a hole to bury himself and test out this theory.

Obviously, digging a pit half a man's height wasn't easy without a shovel, but luckily, Liu Ji wasn't that large when he became a potato. With a stick he found, it wasn't too difficult for him to dig a hole about 20 to 30 centimeters deep.

After the hole was dug, Liu Ji stepped into it.

He piled the excavated soil beside his feet so that when he transformed into a potato, the soil would cover his roots.

Taking a deep breath, Liu Ji recalled the strange impulse within his body and went with it once again.

Then, he once more transformed into a potato.

To be honest, it felt rather bizarre to freely become a potato at any time. But

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