Chapter 1: How Did He Turn Into A Potato?
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 1: How Did He Turn Into A Potato?

Liu Ji turned into a potato.

That was how it happened.

Liu Ji had once been a normal college student who, after having been cruelly tortured by an advanced mathematics exam, wandered off campus in a daze, met with truck-kun, and was whisked away to another world.

When he first arrived in this other world, Liu Ji wasn't a potato.

Then, he was a human, though a hapless one stranded in the wilderness.

Normally, the transmigrated party would either be dropped off near a village or town, land in some monster's lair, or have been summoned as a hero. However, none of these scenarios applied to Liu Ji; he simply found himself in the middle of nowhere.

At that moment, Liu Ji hadn't yet realized that he had fallen into another world. Though unclear about what had occurred, he started to follow the sound of water, planning to walk downstream along the stream, hoping to find a village or town.

After all, humans tended to develop settlements near water sources.

However, Liu Ji forgot one thing.

Yes, humans liked water sources, but so did animals.

About half a day into his journey downstream, he encountered a bear, four to five meters tall, with a horn on its head.

It was then that Liu Ji realized he had probably landed in another world.

And, if he wasn't careful, he was probably about to die again.

Perhaps spurred by the looming threat of death, Liu Ji, who had never climbed a tree in his life, scrambled up to the top of a nearby tree like his ancient ancestors did and clung to the trunk, too afraid to move.

Ironically, at the height he was at, the four-to-five-meter-tall bear only needed to stand up and could easily swat Liu Ji down with a paw.

Fortunately, his luck held out. The giant bear, perhaps due to poor eyesight, did not notice him, or maybe just wasn't interested in a meal with legs.

In any case, it didn't spot Liu Ji or seem to bother looking for him. Instead, it just sat by the side of the stream, pawing fish out of the water and eating them one after the other.

Liu Ji dared not move. He hung on to the tree, watchin

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You know it's gonna be a banger when Truck-kun appears...

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