Chapter 20.1: Hold It In
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Liu Ji was a little worried. Considering how hot the weather was, he couldn't help thinking about the table full of food he had just left out on the table in the open…

Hmm, if we don't take long, perhaps the food might just be stale. But if this trip takes a long time, the whole table might turn moldy…

But… If the birds come, wouldn't they leave behind a lot of droppings? I wonder if there is any spell to conveniently clean up bird droppings…

Just as Liu Ji was lost in his habitual inner thoughts, he felt a poke on his face.

Turning his head, he saw Yaine looking at him, her burrows furrowed as if somewhat worried.

Upon getting Liu Ji's attention, she gestured slightly and asked how his body was doing using words he could understand. After all, it was dry and scorching in the desert, and she was concerned that Liu Ji might not cope well.

Liu Ji didn't feel anything out of the ordinary and gestured to let Yaine know he was fine and that she didn't need to worry about him.

He wasn't pretending to be tough; he really felt fine. Although the sun was intense, for some reason, he felt very comfortable when the hot sun shone on his hair.

As if he was undergoing photosynthesis…

Hmm… Whoa, could there really be chlorophyll in my hair?

"Speaking of which," Osar suddenly spoke up, "Yaine, we're losing sight of Mervant's dust trail. Is that really okay?"

"If you're worried, you can go catch up to him." Yaine shrugged. "But if I were to go at his speed, you would probably have to carry me after a while."

"That's true…" Osar scratched his head, glanced at Liu Ji, and, as if suddenly remembering something, said, "Oh, right. Doesn't this lad turn into a bear? How about having him transform into a bear and carry us?"

"Having a person be a mount? That's rather disrespectful." Yaine's mouth twitched. "And even if he didn't mind, did you think a bear is a camel? Bears are large and furry; he'd overheat and pass out before long in this desert."

"Oh, that makes sense." Osar stroked his chin.

"Alright, less talking. I'm

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