Chapter 19.2: Who Says Potatoes Can't Eat?
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The Hero Turned Into A Potato And The World Fell To Ruin Chapter 19.2: Who Says Potatoes Can't Eat?

At the side of the empty house in the woods, Liu Ji's freshly prepared table of food was still hot.

Rustle, rustle.

The bushes shook. Something was hiding within, concealed behind the leaves.

It seemed to be deliberately making noise, as if testing the waters. Perhaps it was worried that there might still be someone inside the house.

But evidently, such worries were superfluous. Since Liu Ji had followed the trio and left, all that remained was an empty house, the frozen half-corpse of a bear, and a table full of steaming dishes.

Rustle, rustle.

The bushes continued to shake, the noise got louder. Finally, having seemingly confirmed that there really was no one around, the noise at last stopped.

Then… a bunch of round, potato-like creatures—or rather, potato-people—burst out from the woods.

They were less than a meter tall, with noses and eyes, topped with green shoots, and thin limbs… or rather, roots that resembled limbs.

Due to their rounded shapes and thin limbs, their rolling and scrambling run seemed somewhat comical.

As soon as they burst out, the potato-people headed straight for the hot meals on the table, grabbing the food and broth in a scramble, smearing it on their hands, feet, or bodies. None of it went to their mouths.

However, if observed closely, the food and broth smeared on their bodies seemed to be slowly absorbed by their skin.

Perhaps, this was their unique way of eating?

While it looked messy and most would find it hard to accept, they actually managed to eat cleaner than humans; even the food that fell on the ground or the broth that dripped into the soil was completely absorbed by them.

As a result, after about a half-hour of frenzied activity, not one bit of the lavish spread was wasted—all of it was absorbed by the potato-people.

Then, seemingly having their fill and thoroughly satisfied, the bunch of potatoes rolled onto the grass in front of the wooden house, sprawling out joyfully.

Soon after, they began to dig holes right there.

A while later, the potato-people had buried themselves c

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