Chapter 20.2: Hold It In
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Calidora and Girunini both froze, their heads filled with question marks as they watched the now chuckling Myza.

"Haha, my apologies, it's a bad habit of mine. Every time new guests arrive, I can't help but scare them a little," Myza confessed as he walked toward the graveyard, gently brushing his palms over the tombstones. "Some buried here died of illnesses or didn't survive their injuries that they carried here. The rest died naturally having reached the end of their life cycles."

"You are saying…" Calidora blinked several times. "That they died of old age here?"

"Yes, they were all my friends," Myza explained. "Although this desert is considered a lifeless zone, there are always some unfortunate souls who, for various reasons, are forced to enter here.

"Of course, the majority are devoured by the desert, but there are always a few lucky ones who end up here."

"And then they never want to leave, especially because there's shaved ice here," Girunini jested. shaking the cup of shaved ice in front of her. "You know, I was dreaming of shaved ice every single minute while walking through the desert, though your earlier scare has made me a little hesitant to eat it now."

"I apologize for that. Please, go ahead and eat. I didn't put anything weird in it." Myza laughed heartily. "If I wanted to take pleasure in harming others, why would I choose to do it in the middle of this godforsaken desert?"

"That… makes sense," Girunini nodded, then eagerly scooped up a spoonful of shaved ice into her mouth. Having been trekking through the desert on foot for two whole months, she had craved for shaved ice desperately.

Calidora glanced at her companion in resignation, she herself not intending to touch the spoon yet. She asked, "I can understand why they wouldn't want to leave, but Mr. Myza, why don't you want to leave?"

"Me? Oh, I have no reason to leave. It's because I belong here, and I ought to stay here," Myza said with a smile.

"You belong here?" Calidora asked.

"Mm, yes. I can only tell you that I belong here." M

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