Chapter 18.2: Lonely Old Potato
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Liu Ji was at a loss. He had just prepared a whole table of dishes and was ready to eat when Yaine and the others started packing up.

They prepared a heap of water skins, cut off more than half of the frozen bear meat, and even chopped some firewood, which they all stuffed into Yaine's magically conjured space.

The way Yaine reached her foot into the space to kick inside before finally sealing it indicated that the entire space was packed fully.

At first, Liu Ji thought they were moving house; he even wondered why they would move since they had just built the house. But seeing that they didn't pack anything from outside, instead moving the stuff into the house, Liu Ji realized that this wasn't moving but preparing for a long journey.

Still, Liu Ji was puzzled. He didn't know what could have happened to make the three so anxious to leave that they would even skip the prepared meal.

Seeing that the three seemed almost done packing, Liu Ji hurried over to Yaine and cobbled together a question with his limited vocabulary.

Yaine took a moment to think and responded within the range of vocabulary Liu Ji could understand, using just a few words, "We, friend, danger, search, you, here, wait."

The meaning was clear, and Liu Ji understood it. Just that…

He eyed the table full of dishes he had prepared.

The thought of sitting there alone, slowly picking at the food all by himself, filled Liu Ji with a sense of desolation. Such a pitiful, lonely old potato.

He was pensive for a moment, then made some gestures. "I, search, your, we…"

Since he didn't know how to express "go together," Liu Ji's words came out rather incoherent.

Of course, Yaine could understand what he meant. However, she didn't wish to let Liu Ji follow them. Liu Ji didn't understand how treacherous the environment of that place was, and even with her magical space filled to the brim, Yaine still felt uncertain of entering that lifeless zone.

Sighing, Yaine pondered for a moment, then recited a short incantation. Raising her hand, she lightly flicked Liu Ji's fo

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