Chapter 9.1: Are You Asking For A Divorce? (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 9.1: Are You Asking For A Divorce? (1)

He Jiang: “How did you know I’m here? Did you install a tracker on my car?”

Shang Jing blinked at him blankly.

That’s such a good excuse. It’s such a pity I can’t say that.

Instead, he said, as a matter-of-factly, “I was passing by and saw your car turning in. I just wanted to find out what you were doing here. Why? Does the law forbid me to be here?”

He Jiang remembered Xiao Bei mentioning Shang Jing visiting a piano shop in the vicinity. Considering he was a music major graduate, it was not a surprise he would revisit the shop to buy a piano.

But it was abnormal for him to follow him into the hospital.

Does he know what these actions represent? Is he still planning to play the ‘I can date you but I don’t like you’ game?

Having gone through it once was already enough for him.

Plus, he was already getting sick of guessing Shang Jing’s intentions. Because of these actions of his, he had been left hovering in the middle. He wanted a clear answer to settle things once and for all.

Without any form of concealment, he asked, “Shang Jing, do you like me?”

“Ah?” The sudden question shocked Shang Jing.

He had once loved He Jiang so much to the point of losing himself. But now that he had lost his memories, any love for him had also ceased to exist. Although he still had some of his simp characteristics, he was basically a new man.

He pursed his lips. Was he supposed to say he likes him without any hesitation?

But the hospital was a sacred place. Shang Jing feared he would really become a simp if he lied.


He Jiang let out a self-deprecating laugh. Was it still necessary to wait for Shang Jing’s answer? After all, his reaction was exactly the same as three years ago.

He decided to change the topic. “Do you want to buy a piano?” he asked.

Shang Jing jumped at the opportunity to get out of that pressing situation. He nodded his head. “Of course I do, are you going to buy me one?”

Truthfully, he did regret not buying a piano after getting back that day. He should have kept one at home for him to practice with. After all, that was the only thing he could bank on to make a living after their divorce. It would not do him good for his skills to get rusty without constant practice.

But it did not feel right having Xiao Bei buy the piano for him despite knowing the studio would reimburse him. However, when He Jiang offered, he had no qualms about accepting it.

Strange… It was He Jiang’s money either way so why did I feel that way?

Suddenly, a light bulb lit up in his head. If the gift was bought by Xiao Bei, the assistant, it would seem like he was a mistress He Jiang was keeping. Only when it was personally given to him by He Jiang himself did it feel like it was meant for his wife.

Ahh! My way of thinking had actually matured so much without me noticing it… 

He Jiang chuckled, “Why should I buy it for you?”

Without thinking, Shang Jing replied, “Why would you not buy it? Is it because I was in a daze just now? Of course, I like you…”

Shang Jing paused. He suddenly remembered something. An egoist man like He Jiang would never allow his virtuous wife to have her own way of thinking. Therefore, he quickly added, although awkwardly, “... Hubby.”

He Jiang clenched his fists. “Anything can come out of your mouth now that a piano is on the line.”

Shang Jing had always been finding ways to butter him up whenever something that benefits him was on the line. This time it was for a piano, previously it was for some random reason he would rather not mention.

He had fallen for it once and had almost fallen for it a second time.

Some time back, Yang Yue had asked him why they had broken up. He had kept silent then, just because the reason was so laughable he could not bear hearing himself say it. He did not want the reason for his second breakup to be ‘He escaped overnight with the piano after recovering from his injury’.

He studied Shang Jing’s face. The bandages that covered his head were now replaced with two plasters. It was as though they were on the last page of the calendar where the yellowing back page was peeping through. With another flip of the page, it would be a new year, signaling the time to get rid of the old and welcome the new.

He Jiang glanced at the plasters in his peripheral vision. With a grit of his teeth, he asked, “When are you moving out?”

Shang Jing was stunned. Memories of their first meeting after he lost his memories flowed through his mind. They were at a hospital. At that time, he had clung to He Jiang, insisting to follow him home.

Half a month later, in another hospital that reeks of antiseptic, He Jiang was finally going to dump him.

He looked at the squeaky clean floor. He felt lost. He had still not gathered enough proof of their secret marriage, still not befriended a paparazzi who could help him publicize the news, and had still not made enough money to rent an apartment outside…

Most importantly, he had not regained his memories.

He had nowhere to go…

Shang Jing’s throat tightened up.

To be asked so bluntly about when he was going to move out, even if the other party was a douchebag, Shang Jing could still not help feeling embarrassed. At that moment, he had lost all motivation to make things difficult for He Jiang.

“I’m not moving out,” he croaked.

The abnormality in his voice had not escaped He Jiang.

Soon, two droplets of water splattered on the spotless white floor below Shang Jing. He Jiang stared at them with wide eyes as a blizzard wreaked havoc in his heart. His eyes turned red.

He had never made Shang Jing cry before nor seen him cry. At this point, He Jiang knew he was defeated, utterly defeated. ‘Home’ has always been a sensitive topic to Shang Jing. He should not have mentioned it so carelessly. But there was no way he could take back what he said.

After a moment of pause, he added rigidly, “Then don’t move out. What is there to cry about?”

He Jiang berated himself internally: You deserve to be pussy-whipped.

He stretched out his hand to wipe the tears from the corner of Shang Jing’s eyes. Feeling the hot tears scalding his fingers, he softened his tone and consoled him, “Let’s go home.”

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