Chapter 8.3: An Unavoidable Confrontation (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 8.3: An Unavoidable Confrontation (3)

“Good afternoon, Doctor Bo. My apologies for interrupting you.” Shang Jing took out the copy of the medical records he had been hiding. “I had lost my memories in a car accident recently. As the case was a little peculiar, the Second Community Hospital had recommended that I visit Huayue for further checkups and treatment.”

“But I have limited funds on hand so I would like to consult first to find out whether it is treatable. If the treatment fees exceed…”

Bo Ya was stunned when he saw the face of the man coming in. He replied, “Let me take a look at your medical records first.”

Doctor Bo quickly scanned through Shang Jing’s medical records and followed up with a few questions. By the end of the consultation, he was frowning. “I will need to look at some overseas case studies and discuss your treatment plan with my professor.”

But Shang Jing was more concerned about the finance portion as it would affect his bottom line in the divorce. He questioned, “The treatment fees…”

Catching his drift, Bo Ya reassured, “Since we still do not have a treatment plan, it will be hard to ascertain the exact cost. If you are financially tight, I can apply for a tax waiver for you. But at this point in time, try not to think too much and overexert your brain.”

Shang Jing: “Thank you.”

Bo Ya rearranged the medical records on his table. “I am very interested in your case. Do you mind leaving a copy of your medical records with me? We can also add each other on WeChat. If there is any update, I’ll notify you accordingly.”

He quickly added with a smile, “Of course, since we are still at the consultation stage, there will be no extra charge.”

“Sure. But I would like for my name to be redacted. I do not want the news of my amnesia to be leaked out to the public.”

“It’s my responsibility to ensure my patient’s privacy is protected.”

Bo Ya was the definition of an angel in white to Shang Jing. Without further hesitation, he took out his handphone and added him as his first contact on WeChat.

However, to prevent He Jiang from finding out, he specially saved his contact under the name ‘BBQ takeout’.

“Thank you. I’ll excuse myself then.” Shang Jing got up to leave but he was suddenly called back by Bo Ya.

Bo Ya stood up and stared at Shang Jing squarely in the face. “Pardon me for asking, have you ever lived in the US in your younger days? You resemble someone I know.”

“No.” Shang Jing shook his head. With a sense of pride, he declared, “I am a homegrown Chinese.”

“Oh, I see. My apologies.” Bo Ya maintained his smile while bidding Shang Jing farewell.

Bo Ya: His birth year and month don't align with his… I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. 

Shang Jing: Thank you, Doctor Bo’s friend. Because of you, the consultation went so well.

He stepped in the lift in high spirits. He must have been blessed by an angel to be so lucky!

The lift traveled downwards and stopped at level 2. Shang Jing was still deep in thoughts about how he could earn the one million yuan required for his treatment when the lift door opened. However, ten seconds became half a minute, half a minute became one minute, the lift door remained open despite no one boarding.

Confused about the delay, Shang Jing broke out from his reverie and looked towards the lift entrance. His heart jumped out of his mouth.

With one hand in his pocket and the other stopping the door from closing, He Jiang was staring at him with a smile that did not touch his eyes.


Holy mackerel! Isn’t He Jiang supposed to be filming a movie now?!

He spammed the close button in the lift but to no avail.

Shang Jing recited the words over and over in his mind, ‘I have a mask on and have removed my bandages. I am a whole new person. Even my mother will not be able to recognize me’.

Without taking a second look, he ducked out of the lift and ran towards a corridor.

“What are you doing here?” He Jiang shouted behind him. He frowned.

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But Shang Jing was already out of sight.

“What a dolt,” He Jiang laughed. Slowly, he turned in another direction and slowly jogged after him.

After many twists and turns, Shang Jing arrived at a dead-end. The rooms lining both sides of the corridor were closed off to the public. The only way out was to go back from where he came from or jump downwards.

Ahh… He Jiang must have entered the lift by now.

Shang Jing was beyond nervous.

Why would he care about my well-being?

Slowly, he inched closer to the corner and took a peep.

Right at the exit was an expressionless He Jiang. Their eyes clashed.


Is this a horror story?

Shang Jing tried to calm his racing heart. With an uptilt chin, he decided to make the first move. “What are you doing here?”

He Jiang: “To visit someone. What about you?”

Shang Jing, trying to maintain his courageous front: “I’ve heard stories about men who fool around under the pretext of doing overtime work. I’m just here to see if that is true.”

He Jiang laughed. “Starting an affair at a Neurology Hospital? Am I crazy?”

Shang Jing whispered: “Maybe it’s your mistress that needs to see a neurologist.”

Just like me.

Shang Jing felt aggrieved.

After leaving your sick-in-the-brain wife alone at home for half a month, who are you visiting here?

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