Chapter 9.2: Are You Asking For A Divorce? (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 9.2: Are You Asking For A Divorce? (2)

In the past two weeks he was away, He Jiang had finished filming most of his scenes for the movie. Under the eagle eyes of the director, he had performed perfectly for every take but the same could not be said for Zhang Yaoyao who was acting in a movie for the first time. As such, the director had decided to personally grill her, leaving him with some time off.

In addition, before he encountered Shang Jing at the hospital, he had already gone through his schedule in his mind and pruned out the unimportant appointments.

This left him with a period of break in the upcoming days.

Still feeling angry and embarrassed, Shang Jing did not spout a single word to He Jiang on the ride home.

I am so useless. If I was more courageous just now, I would have spared no expense to elevate the quarrel and make sure it becomes the highlight news on the internet for three whole days. By then, He Jiang would definitely be the one crying and begging me not to reveal his deeds to the press.

But look at me now. Driven to tears from the words of the douchebag, crying like a homeless puppy at the hospital… 

Things did not improve when they got home. Unlike the past few days, there was no aroma of food wafting in the air. Shang Jing ran around the house in a frenzy, tears dripping down his face once again. He was already starving.

He questioned He Jiang, “Didn’t Auntie Huang come by today?”

He Jiang was still unloading his car keys at the foyer. “Not just today, she won’t be coming by anymore.”

Shang Jing felt like he was hit by lightning. This was more of a torture than not getting the piano. Auntie Huang was someone he held dearly. He continued to question He Jiang, “Why? Auntie Huang is such a good person! And she can cook so well too! Is it because you thought the work was too taxing for her? Or you didn’t pay her?”

He Jiang pulled the door close behind him and changed into a pair of indoor slippers. “Shang Jing, did you forget what I asked you to do before I left?”

Shang Jing looked at him, confusion written all over his face. “What did you say?’


He Jiang tugged on his earlobe. “Did you disregard my words? I asked you to pick up some cooking skills from Auntie Huang. Did you do that?”

Shang Jing: “...” Of course he did not.

He Jiang placed a pair of indoor shoes beside him then went into the kitchen to pour two cups of water. On his way back with them, he pulled Shang Jing towards the sofa and settled both of them down on it. It seemed like he had something to discuss.

Shang Jing frowned.

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Judging from his expression, is it possible he wants to discuss our divorce? Is it because he couldn’t send me away at the hospital?

Fine. I wanted a divorce anyway.

He Jiang placed his interlaced fingers on his lap. In a serious tone, he said, “I’ve thought about it. I think it is necessary for us to overwrite our past and redefine our relationship. This will be beneficial to both of us.”

Shang Jing’s eyes widened.

He really wants to divorce me!

He was a little nervous. Commonly speaking, the party who requested the divorce would more likely compromise more on the asset split to ensure the process goes through smoothly.

How much assets and cash will He Jiang give me? Or could it be possible a prenuptial agreement really existed between us?

Shang Jing scrunched his face together in an attempt to make himself look unwilling, hoping it would get him more benefits. But the more he looked at He Jiang, the more unlikely he felt the man would leave him with a generous alimony.

He Jiang: “From now on, we will assume a landlord-tenant relationship. You will be responsible for cooking, doing the laundry, and watering the plants to make up for rent. The timing will be flexible and you can also find another job outside. As long as you do something beneficial for the house, you can stay here for as long as you want to, I will not chase you away.”

This was what He Jiang came up with during the drive home. It was the best way forward for them. Not only would they stop overthinking their ex-lovers relationship, Shang Jing would also feel less desolated living under someone else’s roof. After all, he would not be staying there for free.

Most importantly, he would not need to provide Shang Jing with care that exceeds the normal boundaries of a landlord, and Shang Jing would not need to bear the disgust of having to call him ‘Hubby’. The both of them would return back to being acquaintances.

Shang Jing: “...”

We are not getting a divorce?

Bastard, how could you even suggest that? Demanding rent from your wife? Can’t this house be our marital home?

How can we simply redefine our relationship just because you said so? Are you going to disregard the law?!

How legally ignorant! I wouldn’t be surprised even if you have been evading tax. I should really visit the studio one day to gather evidence! It would definitely be more effective in helping me build a better case in our divorce settlement.

Dummy! Dummy!

Thinking back to what happened at the hospital when He Jiang tried to evict him from the house, Shang Jing resisted the urge to burst out at him.

It was still not time for a showhand, especially since He Jiang did not officially request for a divorce. Plus, he had yet to gather sufficient evidence to build a strong case for himself.

It was still more beneficial to tolerate this douchebag for the time being.

To ensure ultimate victory, he would need to keep a low profile and work harder.

Shang Jing looked down at the ground pitifully and mumbled, “En.”

He Jiang steeled himself. He would not fall for this again. “Then go make lunch.”

Shang Jing trudged towards the kitchen and looked at the ingredients in the refrigerator. He did not know where to start.

Suddenly, he heard some sounds.

Clutter… Clutter…

It sounded like something was running around along the walls of the refrigerator.

“...” Shang Jing’s hair stood on its ends.

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