Chapter 8.1: An Unavoidable Confrontation (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 8.1: An Unavoidable Confrontation (1)

Xiao Bei could feel his boss’s radiating anger from the screen. He slotted his phone back into his pocket nervously.

Why am I so stupid? Why did I ask him that?

It was as inconsiderate as asking someone who was treating you to a barbeque whether you could order an imported Maotai.

Help! Will I get fired for this?

Xiao Bei paced the sidewalk awkwardly. He did not dare to step into the shop in case Shang Jing remembered what he said at the hospital, ‘The studio will take care of everything’.

I suppose Shang Jing will get the hint if I don’t go in?

Inside the well-furnished shop, Shang Jing surveyed the various pianos decorating the area, unaware of Xiao Bei’s panic attack. He merely wanted to play the piano.

As he looked around, the grand piano displayed in the middle of the room caught his eye. Shang Jing glanced at it and politely asked the shopkeeper, “Can I test this piano?”

“Go ahead, it has already been tuned.”

Shang Jing sat on the piano stool and closed his eyes. Images flashed across his mind but before he could grasp any of them, they were gone.

He took a deep breath and placed his fingers on the black and white keys.

Just then, an entire music score appeared in his head, like he had performed this piece many times before.

He allowed his instinct to take over and soon, his long and slender fingers were dancing across the keys and the beautiful melody of 《Croatian Rhapsody》filled the store.

Sunset, disaster… Croatia after the war, every detail was perfectly captured and passionately narrated in his playing.

To be a shopkeeper here, one must possess a high standard for music. The moment she heard Shang Jing’s playing, she could already tell he was not an amateur. 《Croatian Rhapsody》was a piece usually played by Grade 8 and 9 pianists but from the technical skills and emotions shown in Shang Jing’s playing, it could be considered a concert performance standard.

Luxury brand clothing, a personal driver, and concert level performance… The shopkeeper sensed a potential sales opportunity. The moment the music ended, she ran towards and showered the Grade 10 prince of piano with praises. “The piano you are playing is of the mid-range quality. We have a Steinway & Sons Performance Grade Grand Piano…”

“Is my playing acceptable?” Shang Jing asked.

The shopkeeper replied sincerely, “There should be a place for you at S City’s Concert Hall.”

She had seen many beginners come into the store to purchase their first piano. Listening to them test play had been a torture to her ears. It was rare for a master like Shang Jing who possessed both technical skills and emotion in his playing to visit them. Even if he did not buy anything, it was still a blessing to be able to watch his performance.

“That’s good.” Shang Jing said distractedly. When he finally looked up at her, his eyes sparkled like the milky way. “Thank you for your praise, I’ll come and buy the piano after I get a divorce.”

He would only have money after the divorce.

Shopkeeper: “???”

The cliche drama of an eighteen year old being trapped in a political marriage and being unable to pursue his music dream came to her mind. Because of his unwillingness to be subdued, he had been violently treated and got his head bashed in. In the end, he could only come to a piano shop secretly to practice and keep his skills updated.

She looked at him with the tender eyes of a mother.

Shang Jing thanked her multiple times and left the shop briskly.

When Xiao Bei opened the door for Shang Jing, he averted Shang Jing’s gaze and refused to meet his eyes. He had seen how the shopkeeper looked at Shang Jing when he was leaving. It was as though Shang Jing had suffered under the evil clutches of his boss and he was the bodyguard who had allowed it to happen.

He was innocent…

He unlocked his phone to key in the address of their next destination. That was when he noticed he had two unseen messages from He Jiang.

He Jiang: 【... What did the doctor say about the condition of his brain?】

He Jiang: 【If he wants it, just get it for him.】

Xiao Bei: “...”

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So… Instead of scolding him, he was actually asking about Mr. Shang’s medical condition?

The unfriendly glare of the shopkeeper surfaced in his mind.

Help! Will I really get fired this time?

He immediately sent a reassurance text: 【The doctor said the wound is healing well.】

Next, he turned to Shang Jing in the backseat and asked, “Did you see any piano you like? Our boss says to get it if you do.”

Shang Jing: “I didn’t. Let’s go back.”

If he bought it now, it would only be placed in He Jiang’s house. Moreover, as a purchase of the studio, he might not be able to take it away with him during the divorce settlement.

“Did you really not like any of them?”

“Mm,” Shang Jing reassured.

Xiao Bei looked at Shang Jing. Ensuring the expression on his face was not one of regret, he stepped on the gas pedal.

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