Chapter 7.4: Is There Something Wrong With His Brain? (4)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 7.4: Is There Something Wrong With His Brain? (4)

The flu bug had come in a flash and left in another. On the second day, Shang Jing had woken up fresh as a daisy.

As he was peeling a pomelo, the doorbell rang. It was Xiao Bei, He Jiang’s assistant, whom he had met at the film set. He had brought over some fruit juice and a bouquet of fresh flowers. “Mr. He instructed me to get your bandages changed at the hospital.”

Midway there, he noticed they were headed towards the hospital he had woken in after the car accident.

At that time, the hospital had done a combined consultation on him which resulted in the entire neurology department being aware of his condition. He could not visit that hospital again.

Shang Jing: “Xiao Bei, that hospital is still flooded with victims of the car accident. I’m still traumatized by the scene in their Emergency Room. Can we go to another clinic?”

Xiao Bei nodded. But since this was a matter instructed by He Jiang, he could not do it in a slipshod manner. Therefore, he immediately rerouted and brought Shang Jing to another Tertiary Hospital.

Shang Jing: “Thank you.” He was now sure, the people around He Jiang were all normal and kind people.

“The wound is healing well. It seems like you had been taking in the right food. Continue resting for two more months and it should fully heal. Remember not to let the wound touch water when you wash your hair.”

The doctor reapplied some antiseptic medicine on the wound and rebandaged his head. This time, he did not twirl the bandages around his head and only covered the wound with a fist-sized gauze.

“From now on, you can reapply the medicine at home and come back ten days later to remove the stitches.”

Shang Jing ran his hand across his head. It was prickly. The Emergency Room doctors had shaved his head when he was still unconscious.

As the wound was situated on his temple, the buzz cut was actually a good choice. He no longer had to fret over how he should wash his hair.

Xiao Bei had settled payment and collected the necessary medicines on behalf of him.

Shang Jing: “The fees…”

Xiao Bei: “It will be reimbursed by the studio.”

Shang Jing: “Ok.”

On their way back, Xiao Bei asked him where he would like to visit next. Shang Jing had denied the offer.

Poverty could kill off any desire for one to shop.

He leaned against the car window and watched the scenery outside flash by. Suddenly, a road sign caught his attention.

In 200 meters, taking the left exit, they would reach Huayue Neurology Hospital.

That was the hospital with the exorbitant treatment fees the neurologist at the Emergency Room had referred him to.

Shang Jing looked up at the road sign and said, “Can we make a left turn here, I would like to take the Binjiang route home.”

Soon, Huayue Neurology Hospital appeared in sight. From the majestic design of their main door, it was like the hospital was telling its visitors that once they step in, they have to be prepared to fork out money.

This was already the third day since he lost his memories. Apparently self-healing was out of the equation. He had been eating and sleeping well, and even found some videos of the car accident to jolt his memory but his memories did not seem to be coming back. From how was able to remember things in these three days, it also did not seem like he was suffering from post-traumatic amnesia.

It was probably time to seek help from the specialists at the pricey hospital.

Shang Jing secretly made a mental note of the hospital location. He should pay them a visit sometime in the near future.

Even though he had no money to receive treatment, there was no harm in consulting the doctors.

Shang Jing stared at the hospital endearingly. When he finally retracted his gaze, a piano shop drew his attention.

A feeling of familiarity had hit him. He had a feeling he was skilled in playing the piano and wanted to test the theory.

“Please stop the car.”

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Xiao Bei watched Shang Jing walk into the shop and professionally survey the pianos. He immediately texted his boss.

He Jiang had previously instructed him to pay for all of Shang Jing’s expenses. But as for big ticket items like a piano that cost at least a million yuan, Xiao Bei was unsure whether that was included in the list of items that could be reimbursed.

【Mr. Shang is looking at pianos. Can the cost be reimbursed?】

Almost simultaneously, He Jiang replied: 【Is there something wrong with the brain?】

Xiao Bei: “... Got it, it cannot be reimbursed.”

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