Chapter 6.2: Search: How To Be A Pain In The Ass (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 6.2: Search: How To Be A Pain In The Ass (2)

On the other side of the door, He Jiang was studying a movie script beside the coffee table when his left eyelid twitched.

He glanced at the door to the guest room with his peripheral vision and looked down, seemingly deep in thoughts.

At this moment, his handphone blinked, notifying him of the receipt of a text message.

Yang Yue: 【Are you having a break today? Come out for a drink.】

He Jiang picked up his phone and replied: 【Ok.】

After keeping the script back into his study room, he drove out.

Yang Yue was a popular singer with a heavenly voice. He was also the owner of a bar that served as a gathering spot for this group of friends in the afternoon during its non-operating hours.

As a singer, Yang Yue was not allowed to consume alcohol on a regular basis. However, it did not stop him from collecting them as a hobby then gathering his friends to try them.

“Why did you agree to come out so easily today?” Yang Yue popped open a bottle of red wine. “I heard a little imp moved into your house. Why didn’t you stay home to accompany him?”

He Jiang threw him a cold glance. “Can you not read the atmosphere?”

Yang Yue sat down in front of He Jiang, ready to be let in on some gossip. “I’m just curious. You would definitely not say anything if I were to ask you about it on WeChat.”

But he did not expect He Jiang to agree so readily.

The day before, he was having lunch with his sister when Lin Lin called to order the clothes from her. Yang Yue’s sister was a sales associate of a luxury male clothing brand.

However, the sizes mentioned were not He Jiang’s even though they were ordered to be sent to his house. There was definitely something fishy!

He Jiang: “That’s enough. You’re more of a busybody than a tabloid reporter.”

“So who is that?” Yang Yue disregarded He Jiang’s insults and pressed on. The bare cactus was finally blooming. What kind of deity had managed to capture this bachelor’s heart?

“Is it Shang Jing?”

The door to the private room opened and in walked a man dressed in a gray Zhongshan suit, paired with frameless spectacles. He exuded an air of elegance similar to that of an affluent young master in a historical drama.

Cen Feinuo removed his coat and folded up the sleeves of his white shirtsleeves, revealing a section of his muscular arms.

He Jiang sipped on a glass of wine and nodded his head nonchalantly.

Yang Yue raised a bottle of red wine dramatically towards Cen Feinuo to interview him. “Who is Shang Jing? And how did you know that?!”

Cen Feinuo unwrapped a peppermint candy. “His ex-boyfriend.”

“Ex-boyfriend… Ah.” Yang Yue smacked his lips together, almost biting the sides of his tongue. “What?! Since when did He Jiang get into a relationship? And what is that about an ex-boyfriend? And how did you know the relationship had ended?”

Cen Feinuo selectively replied, “I guessed it based on his expression.”

Yang Yue slammed the wine bottle on the table angrily. If he could, he would really like to hit both of them with the bottle. If he was lucky, he might even crack one of them open to spill the beans.

This was a three-person scene and his name was not even included in the credits. Are they still debut buddies?!

He Jiang explained briefly, “I got together with him three years ago. He was based in the US and the relationship ended before we got to publicize it.”

From his monotonous narration, Yang Yue could mildly sense that He Jiang was the one who was dumped.

“Oh, a long-distance relationship. Is he planning to reconcile the relationship with you?”

He Jiang gave him a death stare. “Shut up.”

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Halfway through their conversation, He Jiang left the room to take a call from Lin Lin, discussing his work arrangement for tomorrow.

Yang Yue immediately approached Cen Feinuo. “Hurry up, tell me more about it before he comes back. Tell me everything you know.”

Cen Feinuo: “I have nothing to share.”

Yang Yue was ready to cuss. “Next time, both of you should pay for your own drinks.”

He deliberated for another two minutes and decided to try again. He put his arm around Cen Feinuo’s shoulder, determined to include him on his gossip mission. “Let’s analyze it together. His ex-boyfriend is back in the country and instead of accompanying him at home, he decided to come drink with us. What does that mean? Is he hesitating to make the move or the other party is not allowing him to?”

Cen Feinuo: “No idea.”

Yang Yue: “You’re so annoying.”

Just nice, He Jiang had just finished his call and was re-entering the room when he heard Yang Yue’s analysis. The corners of my mouth twitched.

Why else could it be? He was just afraid Shang Jing would be uncomfortable in his presence.

He Jiang, you are such a saint.

When Shang Jing emerged from his room, his prey had already left the house. There was an empty spot in the car garage and an auntie was cooking lunch in the kitchen.

The helper had brought her own ingredients. Fresh prawns, crab, and beef were neatly arranged on the kitchen top. Beside her, a pot of pork bone broth was boiling away.

After an hour, the dining table was decorated with five tantalizing dishes and a bowl of soup.

Shang Jing sat himself down at the table and asked the auntie cheerfully, “Auntie, what time is He Jiang coming back?”

Where did he go? I want to dig in!

The auntie waved her hand. “I don’t know anything about the private matters of my employer but I am only cooking for one today.”

Shang Jing’s smile faded. He grimaced, “Five dishes and a bowl of soup. Is that really only for one?”

Auntie: “Of course. The dishes don’t count, I’ve only steamed one portion of rice.”

Shang Jing slowly picked up his chopsticks.

This is fine too. I don’t have to wait for him to have my meal and I’m better off eating by myself.

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