Chapter 6.3: Search: How To Be A Pain In The Ass (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 6.3: Search: How To Be A Pain In The Ass (3)

After a few minutes, Shang Jing could finally take it no longer and softly requested, “Auntie, can you eat with me?”

The helper had been waiting by the table for Shang Jing to finish his meal so that she could clean the dishes and clear the trash. Hearing his question, she quickly denied, “No no, I can’t do that.”

Shang Jing pulled a chair out from under the table. “I can’t finish all these by myself. There’s still more than sufficient rice even if I share half of it with you. Let’s not waste food. Are you afraid He Jiang will find out? I’ll keep silent on the matter.”

It was hard to refuse such a sincere request from him. The auntie eventually sat down and had the meal.

“Auntie, your cooking is delicious.” As he savored the food, he thought. He Jiang had hired a five star chef for him to learn from. Isn’t that making things difficult for him?

There’s no point in dwelling on unachievable things. Let it dissipate in the wind.

After the meal, Shang Jing searched for part-time jobs nearby on his phone. After staring at the map for a long while, the city still looked unfamiliar to him. He made a mental note to take a walk around the area tomorrow to experience it first-hand.

To make things worse, Shang Jing could also not remember what he majored in school. There were also no clues around him for him to reference.

However, there was no hurry for him to find a job. Any proper company would not want to hire an unstable amnesia patient anyway. It would be better for him to first get He Jiang’s assets to cure his brain.

After an afternoon of thinking, Shang Jing was feeling a little sleepy and took a nap on the table.

It was already evening by the time he woke up. Once again, the auntie had arrived with ingredients to cook dinner.

The meal was equally sumptuous. And again, it was for one.

Contemplating where He Jiang had gone, Shang Jing accidentally over-ate. Eventually, he decided to plant himself on the sofa to wait for him to come home.

By 9PM, just as Shang Jing was dozing off in front of the television, a creak sounded from the entrance. Shang Jing’s eyes immediately widened. He straightened himself and looked towards the source of the sound.

He Jiang was entering the house. Together with him was the smell of alcohol. Shang Jing sniffed the air.

Leaving your injured wife at home by himself to make merry outside…

How immoral!

He Jiang glanced at Shang Jing who was staring intensely at him from the sofa. He was stunned. At that moment, he thought he had seen a puppy waiting anxiously for his owner’s return.

Was he hallucinating?

He Jiang blinked a few more times and took a closer look. Shang Jing’s dissatisfied expression filled his view.

That was more normal.

Shang Jing: “Did you drink?”

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He Jiang: “Mm, I’ll go take a shower.”

While watching He Jiang disappear into his room, Shang Jing frowned. He suddenly had no idea why he was waiting for He Jiang.

Take the chance to annoy him?

But He Jiang had already gone back to his room.

To be in such a hurry to take a shower, could it be that he was worried he would smell the perfume of some other woman on him?

Did he really just go drinking with those friends of his? The entertainment scene was, after all, known to be complicated.

Shang Jing looked at his handphone and suddenly remembered something. He should not be waiting so passively here. What he needed to do now was check He Jiang’s phone and make him film a video to prove his innocence!

I’ve grown to be such a pain in the ass so quickly!

Shang Jing was proud of himself.

He jumped up from the sofa and burst into He Jiang’s room.

He Jiang had already removed his shirt. His hand was on his belt, ready to unbuckle it, when a force hit him from behind.

Shang Jing hugged He Jiang from behind and fervently sniffed him.

But he could not detect any foreign perfume on him.

… What now?

Shang Jing: “How many people did you drink with today?”

He Jiang croaked, “Just the two of them.”

Shang Jing looked at He Jiang’s slim waist and blushed. He stared down at the floor and said pitifully, “I’ve waited for you for so long. Can’t you at least inform me that you’re going drinking earlier?”

He Jiang took a deep breath. “...” Can this little rascal not go back and forth like this?

Shang Jing: “Did the three of you just drink the whole night?”

He Jiang: “Yes.”

Shang Jing: “I don’t believe you. Hand over the contact details of the other two. I’ll cross examine your story with theirs, if not I’ll not be able to sleep tonight.”

He Jiang’s gaze darkened. “Do you know I am currently under the influence of alcohol?”

His self-control was at its weakest.

Shang Jing: What rubbish. Of course I know that. “Yes, hurry and hand their contact details over.”

He Jiang clenched his teeth. How dare he use his insomnia to threaten him! But thinking about Shang Jing’s chronic insomnia, he knew he would also not get any sleep if Shang Jing really his. He shut his eyes and unlocked his phone. “Go ahead.”

After which, he grabbed a bathrobe and headed into the shower. Another second more with Shang Jing and he could not guarantee he would not use alcohol as an excuse to violate him.

Since He Jiang had been so straightforward about it, Shang Jing had no qualms about carrying out what he said either. He opened He Jiang’s contact list and was stumped. Who was he supposed to call?

Question marks filled his head.

It was obvious He Jiang thought he knew who to call. This meant they were a close knit group of three.

This was not the time to show his ignorance.

After much consideration, Shang Jing decided to call the second number on his recent call log.

The time of the call was around the time He Jiang left the house. It was probably the call that got him out of the house.

“Hi,” Shang Jing asked politely, “Are you the one who drank with He Jiang today?”

There was silence on the other end. After a long pause, a voice replied, “Yes, are you the one he is dating?”

It was the dignified voice of a middle-aged man.

Shang Jing was flustered. In his confusion, he replied, “Mm.”

He Jiang’s shower was not a peaceful one. When he turned off the water, the voice of Shang Jing talking on the phone could be heard. However, instead of questioning the other person, it seemed like he was being interrogated.

He immediately wrapped a towel around himself and got out of the shower to see Shang Jing sitting upright on the bed. Without another word, he snatched the phone out his hands and took a look at the caller ID.

His father.

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