Chapter 7.1: Is There Something Wrong With His Brain? (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 7.1: Is There Something Wrong With His Brain? (1)

Shang Jing’s hands were suddenly empty. Looking at He Jiang who was still covered in soap suds, he frowned. “What are you doing in the middle of your shower?”

He Jiang immediately covered the receiver portion of the phone. His heart was in arrays. “What nonsense are you spewing to my father?”

It was true Shang Jing was feeling guilty after subconsciously spewing out the truth under Uncle He’s lead. But when he saw how angry He Jiang was from having his secret marriage publicized, this little bit of guilt evaporated into nothing.

Shang Jing: “I didn’t say anything.”

He Jiang: “Did you really not?”

Hmph. How much information can an amnesia patient reveal? He had merely asked about how you had been. I haven’t even had the chance to say anything bad about you.

Anyway, could He Jiang not share this fact with his parents over some red wine? So he would not have to go through this awkward phone call.

Was he afraid he would pester him to arrange for a meeting between his parents and him?

He Jiang stared at Shang Jing. Noticing his uncompromising attitude, he massaged his nose bridge.

It was fine for him to call Cen Feinuo or Yang Yue since they were friends. But his parents would surely take it seriously.

Who would dare to introduce him to their parents with his current attitude and behavior?

But since it had come to this, He Jiang decided to take a video of the current situation and sent it to his father via WeChat.

He pushed his dripping wet hair back and wiped his hands on a towel before starting to type.

【He has injured his head and is spouting nonsense. Don’t take his word as the truth… 】

Before he could finish typing, he was interrupted by an incoming text.

【Is that my son-in-law?】

【Your mother and I are quite satisfied with him.】

He Jiang stared at the water droplet on his screen. He closed his eyes in frustration. Just because of this tiny little water droplet, his typing speed had been slowed down which gave his father the opportunity to misunderstand the situation.

How should he clear up the misunderstanding now?

He Jiang wiped the

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