Chapter 35.4: Uwu, I Don’t Want He Jiang’s Assets Anymore (4)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 35.4: Uwu, I Don’t Want He Jiang’s Assets Anymore (4)

After filming in the park concluded, the director ushered everyone into a bus and brought them to a pottery factory. Here, the guests were tasked to sculpt something which would later be sent to their respective homes after glazing and firing in the oven.

In a moment of epiphany, Shang Jing decided to sculpt a white skull.

He Jiang, on the other hand, sculpted a mug like most of the other factory’s visitors. He had half a mind to base his design off Shang Jing’s in a bid to make them into a pair of couple mugs.

However, no matter which angle he observed Shang Jing’s handiwork from, he still could not tell what Shang Jing was trying to achieve. It was something full of holes.

He asked, “What are you making?”

Shang Jing: “It’s a skullcap!”

He Jiang: “... I don’t get what’s going on in your head.”

Didn’t you see the other teams making couple items? Couple mugs, couple stationery holders, couple handphone stand…

In the end, He Jiang collected additional materials and sculpted the couple mugs by himself, intending to give one of them to Shang Jing when they got back home.

Time flew by in a jiffy. It was an easy day of filming which did not justify the fees the guests were paid.

Moreover, the place they were sleeping in was also beyond luxurious…

Shang Jing was chatting with Zhuang Qin in bed when he saw He Jiang leaving the room. Without thinking, the words slipped out from his mouth, “Where are you going?”

Shang Jing frowned.

What’s happening? I definitely don’t care about that.

He Jiang: “I asked for some time off from the production team to go collect something from my friend. Do you want to accompany me?”

Even though He Jiang said ‘time off’, it was already late at night and there were no filming activities scheduled. Even the videographers were asleep.

Shang Jing, too, was already in his pajamas. Despite his itching curiosity, he declined the offer, “I’ll pass. I’ll be even happier if you don’t come back tonight.”

He probably did not notice it himself but it was a petty remark made in reference to the incident where He Jiang stayed out on his birthday.

But it did not go unnoticed by He Jiang. In a bid to reassure Shang Jing, he promised, “I’ll be back in an hour.”

With He Jiang gone, Shang Jing claimed the entire Queen size bed for himself and happily invited Zhuang Qin to play a couple of matches of PUBG with him.

And therefore started the cycle of elimination, quitting the match and restarting a new match. Within one hour, they had gone through 7 matches with each match not lasting more than 10 minutes.

Shang Jing yawned and exited the game.

One hour had passed.

I am not keeping special tabs on the time but why is He Jiang not back yet?

He climbed out of bed to look out of the window. There was no car entering the building.

At this moment, his handphone rang, breaking the silence in the room and giving him a shock. The call was from an unknown number.

Shang Jing picked up his phone.

The voice on the other end was filled with panic and anxiety. “Are you He Jian’s husband? He just got into a car accident and is currently undergoing emergency treatment in the hospital. Please prepare 200k yuan and transfer it to the hospital’s account!”

A chill rose up from his feet and quickly spread through his body as the blood drained from his face. In an instant, Shang Jing had a hallucination that he had returned back to the North where it was currently snowing. His body temperature fell lower and lower. “S-Say that again, is it He Jiang?”

The other party was stunned. After a pause, he answered, “It’s He Jiang. He’s your husband, right? The situation here is very serious and the doctor will base the treatment and medicine to use on your financial situation. How much can you transfer over now?”

Shang Jing was in a state of panic. Tears ran down his face and stained the floor. To prevent himself from falling to the ground from his weakened legs, he grabbed the window grilles tightly. “Any amount is fine! I beg you to save him! I have money!”

The voice on the other end added even more anxiously. “Please transfer 200k yuan to the hospital immediately. I’ll send you the account details by SMS. Please be quick, I still need to notify the next patient’s family. The fate of your husband lies in your hands.”

Shang Jing was scared shitless. When the SMS arrived, he clicked on it with his shaky fingers and only managed to copy it after two tries. He wanted to forward it to Lin Lin and get her to transfer the amount on his behalf since he did not have the bank application on his phone.

But it was already late at night. Fearing Lin Lin was asleep and could not respond on time, he ran out of the room, not even caring to put on his shoes. He remembered seeing an ATM across the street earlier in the day.

200k, I have 200k… Thank God I have 200k… 

The words ‘don’t come back tonight’ rang over and over in his mind. He could not breathe.

I didn’t mean to curse He Jiang.

At this time, Shang Jing was already crying. He attempted to open the door while dialing Lin Lin’s number but due to his blurred vision, he missed the handle and almost fell. But this was not the time to give up. He immediately tried again and this time, he managed to fling the door open.

He rushed out and bumped into a warm and wide chest.

He Jiang encircled his arms around Shang Jing and felt the warm tears on his face. “Where are you going? Did something bad happen?”

I am just 5 minutes late. Was he afraid I was going to stay out for the second time? Or did he have a nightmare?

Fearing history would repeat itself, He Jiang hastily explained himself, “It’s been awhile since I’ve been here and the GPS showed me the wrong route. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be late.”

Hearing He Jiang’s voice, Shang Jing raised his head and wiped off his tears in a panic but the tears came down even stronger. “Uwu, you’re ok… Someone called to say you got into a car accident and wanted me to transfer them money…”

As though he could still not believe his eyes, he pinched He Jiang from top to bottom to ensure he was not missing any limbs then collapsed into He Jiang’s arms. “What is happening? Which bastard tried to scam me…”

The dots finally connected in He Jiang’s mind. “It’s a phone scam, just like what happened during Yang Yue’s live broadcast previously. It’s ok, everything’s fine, I’m fine. Don’t cry, baby.”

Carrying the barefooted Puppy Shang back to the bed, he cuddled him in his arms to console him. His hands were covered in Shang Jing’s tears, leaving his heart in a bind.

Is this really the same Puppy Shang who wants to file for divorce with me? Why is he crying so badly now?

He Jiang ruffled his hair. In a bid to lighten the mood, he joked, “Why are you crying? You’ll be able to inherit all my assets once I’m dead.”

Isn’t that even more effective than getting a divorce?

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But the ‘joke’ did nothing to cheer Shang Jing up. In between his sobs, he choked, “I-I don’t, I don’t want that…”

Uwuwuwuwu, I don’t want He Jiang’s assets anymore.

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