Book 08 Chapter 092: Dreamscape Field?
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 08 Chapter 092: Dreamscape Field?

Five Element Palace Hall, Borderless Heavenly Capital:

Long Wanyu, Lady Houtu, Ensnaring Performance, Longevity, and Purple Subtlety focused their attention on Mao Tianyun.

“Little Cat, you messed up big this time. We finally got you to do something, and you ended up getting controlled? If it weren’t for my master’s immense ability, calling you over this time would have backfired!” Ensnaring Performance remarked, cracking a melon seed between his teeth like a rubbernecker.

“Meow! How was I supposed to know? My head is still spinning!” Mao Tianyun replied in frustration.

“What happened to you? How did you get all confused and end up being controlled, allowing Lifespan Xiahou to take advantage of you?” Lady Houtu inquired.

“I can’t remember clearly. I went in, and of course, I was looking around. I broke through eight eight-trigram ritual arrays, and when I reached the ninth one…I don’t remember anything after that!” Mao Tianyun furrowed its brow.

“So, you had an accident in the ninth eight-trigram ritual array? You managed to escape, but Lifespan Xiahou captured you? What was inside that ninth eight-trigram ritual array? You should remember!” Longevity asked while munching on a chicken leg.

“I don’t remember. Inside, everything became hazy. It felt like I had a dream, but I can’t recall what I dreamed!” Mao Tianyun wrinkled its brow.

“This is…Sa’s Dreamscape Field?” Long Wanyu frowned.

“Dreamscape Field?” Everyone looked at Long Wanyu in confusion.

“That’s right. A Dreamscape Field. No matter what one runs into when one goes in, it would feel like a dream when one comes out, scattering immediately after one leaves,” Long Wanyu said while frowning.

“Uh…that seems right. I only recall small fragments, like I had a dream. The more I think about it, the more I forget,” Mao Tianyun said.

“Fragments? What fragments?” Long Wanyu asked.

“I’m not entirely sure, but I saw a cat that looked exactly like me. Everything was the same, and then we started fighting. After that, I can’t remember anything!” Mao Tianyun recalled.


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