Book 08 Chapter 093: Pangu vs. Gu Hai?
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 08 Chapter 093: Pangu vs. Gu Hai?

Under Gu Hai’s lead, Ba, Hou Yi, Vairocana, and the Divine Farmer Hoe headed straight for the location where Mao Tianyun had been attacked earlier.

Lifespan Xiahou had drawn a map of the East Spiritual Fire Sea, and Mao Tianyun had pinpointed the place on the map. With Gu Hai’s clear understanding of the map, they soon reached the area.

It was a forest surrounded by roaring flames, creating a swirling ring of fire. This place was a super-sized eight-trigram ritual array, one even more formidable than the Eight Directions Sea they had encountered before.

“What is this place?” Ba’s face sank.

Gu Hai explained, “This is a location slightly south in the East Spiritual Fire Sea, believed to be where Vermilion Bird Prime performed the ritual in the past! There is a Dreamscape Field here. It’s relatively—”


Halfway through Gu Hai’s explanation, a shriek came from within the massive eight-trigram fire forest.

A woman’s voice, hoarse and desperate, pierced through the ritual array.

“Waner!” Gu Hai exclaimed in shock.

“Jingwei!” Ba suddenly shouted.

“You scoundrel, if you dare to harm Jingwei, I’ll take your life!” Ba’s eyes widened as she pounced forward.

“Wait!” Gu Hai shouted.

However, Ba had already rushed in.

It was not just Ba, the Divine Farmer Hoe followed close behind, instantly charging in.

Hou Yi also wanted to join the chase, but he hesitated, not wanting to add to the chaos.

Gu Hai could not afford to wait at this moment, but he had heard from Long Wanyu about the horror within.

“Vairocana, Hou Yi, we need to go in, too. Remember, this is Sa’s Dreamscape Field, and it’s extremely dangerous!” Gu Hai instructed Vairocana.

“Dreamscape Field?” Hou Yi looked puzzled.

“Wait a moment, Mister Gu!” Vairocana suddenly called out.

“Yes?” Gu Hai looked at Vairocana.

“The Siddhārtha Buddha once entered Sa’s Dreamscape Field!” Vairocana said.

“Really?” Gu Hai’s eyes lit up.

Even Long Wanyu had limited knowledge of the Dreamscape Field. She only knew it was dangerous, so Gu Hai had no choice but to enter and see for himse

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